More New Heros.... Why?


Ok, let’s stop new hero releases, increase 5* hero drop rates and ascension mats through the roof. Give everyone a few months to have as many 5s as they can store and see how fun the game is then. Wars would be meaningless, raid tiers meaningless, and honestly you selection of hero’s and defence team meaningless as you could be outmatched 100% of the time.
Does no one think of the other side of this coin?
I’m 6 months in, I have 6 maxed 5
, 19 maxed 4* and a few more 5s stuck at 3-70 ‘cause I need D-blades.
Do you need all the new hero’s? No.
Do you need to max only 5’s to win/have fun? No
Accept the game for what it is or don’t play.
The endless crying on the forums grows tiring.


Please refrain from insulting people just because they disagree with you. Sexual references should likely be kept to a minimum on a gaming forum as well.

Also, as a positive contribution to the thread here… it sounds like your argument isn’t necessarily that new heroes are bad… but rather that their development takes time and energy that you would rather see put to work in other ways, such as developing more avenues for us to obtain ascension materials. Do you, perhaps, have any recommendations on how that might be done?

…or are ya just upset that you don’t have enough ascension mats?


More heroes means more revenue which means more game content. Ill never have all the heroes becayse Im not spending $20k dollars on a game. But I dont begrudge whales.


Actually yes heres a few suggestions 1) have a training camp that produces training heros only, 2) make tc20 only produce 4-5* heros not 3*'s like majority of the time. 3) have more weekly quests that will produce these 4* mats that people are waiting months to receive. 4) upgrade the raid chests! If youve worked hard enough to get diamond status then you should get a diamond… not feathers and wood swords! 5) take 1* heros and troops out of the daily summons. They are virtually useless to anyone whos played this game longer than a month! And 6) Find a way to reward or show some appreciation to those players who have spent money on your game! Without us none of the developers would have what they have now! Spending $100+ dollars a month and getting 30 3* heros in pulls is kinda like spitting in ones face.


I think this game should drop 4* mats more often. This game is loosing players with good but incomplete rosters.

This emblem -thing is good think but jesus, IT TAKES TWO AND A HALF YEARS to max legendary hero with these drop rates. One will loose interrest in playing this game many times before that.


This is “paying and playing” this game for a year! 1 out of 9 legendary heros has been able to get to final ascention! Am i wrong or is that just ridiculous? And yes i do all the quests and daily chests monsters and raids. Hit titans and play the map… currently waiting another 7 hours till i can skip to another chest challenge…


If you’ve done all the rare quests for a year, then how is it possible you’ve only been able to fully ascend one 5*?


If nobody ever mentioned greed wrt game companies again I’d be happy. Listen, it’s a business. The business design is to make profit. It’s a free to play game. They make profit by providing you a method to gamble. If you don’t like it, don’t play. If you like it enough to play but stay ftp, then it cost you nothing and you got free game time, good for you. If you like it enough and want to pay to accelerate your strength, that’s up to you. But the game in it’s entirety is simply gambling.

If the company wants to continue to make profits from long time players, the guys who actually make the company profit, the ones who spend money, then they have to continue to provide ways for them to spend money on the game. Thus Atlantis, HOTM and new events, which then lead to more sales in the packages that allow you to either buy or gamble for ascension materials. There’s no profit in providing free ascension mats, or ways to get more drops for heroes. Be very clear that the accountants and business folks have databases and spreadsheets of data that discuss exactly how changes they make to the game impact profits. Steady profits = success. Complain about greed all you want, but it’s a business doing what it’s designed to do.

TLDR: Play the long game ftp, gamble or stop playing, but really really embrace that game companies are for-profit businesses. If you don’t like it, VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET. Stop playing the game and go find something else to spend your time and money on.


You only have 65 roster slots… seems a bit tight in there… how do you manage your feeders? I also don’t see almost no leveled 4* heroes (except Melendor, Hu and Wu), but those might be on the second page.


And yet no new heroes for tc20 :frowning:


It doesn’t add up, in a year of doing rare quest you should have gotten 35 4* materials. Even if you are the most unlucky person in the world and got zero 4star materials besides the rare quests, you should have more then one 5star fully ascended.

I have figured a C2P that does all the quest should normally be able to fully ascend about 10 5stars per year.


You’re figuring a year of being able to complete these rare quest in the first place. Take the first, I don’t know, 2 or 3 or 6 months of not being able to complete said quests and it changes things. If you get lucky, maybe sooner, if you don’t maybe later. Like has been said several times, luck and money are the only deciding factors in this game, with money being a distant second. They are alienating both ends of their customer base.


I couldn’t agree with you more! The funny thing about this game is you don’t realize where it’s true heart is until you find yourself a really good alliance (I’ve found this to be pretty easy in this game thus far) to settle down in and call “home”. It took me a while to take this game seriously at all, for one because I didn’t want to spend a dime on it until I felt like it was something I might continue playing for at least a decent length of time :stuck_out_tongue:
Here I am, started in February of last year, and so it has been about a full year now. Once I did decide to go ahead and take the game seriously enough to at least contribute fully in a fully active alliance this was when I feel I got a taste of what this game truly has to offer. The game is incredibly simple on the surface, there really isn’t a whole lot of content to dive into. The thing is even a simple approach like a Titan can really rattle a group of 30 nerds who all love crushing pixelated monsters with our stellar bench of magic slinging made up fantasy heroes that we grow attached to (I do anyways!) after we spend countless hours gathering the materials to level them up, and then discovering all the potential you can get out of them and then utilizing that in wars and what not.
As you said (I’m rambling hard, it’s what I do) even members who aren’t able to invest as much and can’t quite pack the same punch as those of us on the upper ends, it’s OK. The game is pretty decently balanced. This is also where team work comes into play, during war we make sure that our lower people can still participate fully and contribute quite a significant amount actually. It’s all about communication with your folks, and having a genuine passion for gaming too I think.


My guess—and it’s just that an nothing more—is that they will continue having an Atlantis portal each month. In April the last three provinces should open. My guess is that in May we will see the same S2 heroes as in the first Atlantis gate (Tarlak and Misandra), with two different HotM. We’ll get a new nine-month cycle of the S2 heroes and an ever-changing offering of reprised HotM. The Atlantis portal is too big a cash cow to close down.


I’ve been playing this game over 2 years. I spend a fair amount on this game. Everyone’s definition of a fair amount is different but i can assure you i spend probably more than i should. Sometimes i get what i want, sometimes i don’t. I like it that way. When i spend money and don’t get what i want i feel let down but then again when i get a surprise I’m even more happy. I love all the different heros in the game and always welcome more. It adds depth to the game. On average it takes a long time to get a good team and enough heros to have full teams for war. In my alliance i definitely spend the most but we also have a fair amount of F2P players. Everyone has fun and everyone shares in the frustration when you don’t get what you want and the happiness when you do. The problem nowadays is everyone wants instant gratification. They immediately expect to have a fully ascended and leveled 5* hero team. Hate to burst your bubble but this game doesn’t work that way and i believe was intentionally made this way. There’s always plenty to do. You don’t need a 5* hero team to have fun. Put your time in and have fun. When you see a player with lots of 5* heros think about how long and how much work they put into that instead of whining you don’t have it. There’s nothing anyone in this game has that no one else can have. I’m so tired of all the whiners!!!


365 days / 10 days = 36.5

Every year, you should get 36+ 3* and 36+ 4* ascension materials.

It takes eight 3* and six 4* mats to level one 5* hero…or 40 3* and 30 4* to level a rainbow, one of each, five 5* heroes total.

Since you are getting mats from more sources than just Rare Quests, this is not a problem at all! :slight_smile:

As many experienced players will tell you, you should be making at least one full team of 4* heroes before moving on to 5*’s anyway.

The demand that the game should be easier than it is, is—you’ll forgive me—silly. The game is what it is, and progresses as it does. When one doesn’t level heroes after awhile of playing, they will find themselves with extra mats. I currently have:

16 - Mystic Ring
15 - Mysterious Tonic
12 - Poison Dart
6 - Royal Tabbard
5 - Farlight Telescope

29 - Orb of Magic
26 - Sturdy Shield
22 - Hidden Blades
14 - Warm Cape
13 - Trap Tools

If you play awhile, you’ll find yourself either leveling heroes, or collecting extras. Good luck either way. :slight_smile:


I think to many of you have taken this thread a complete different direction then what i was intending. In no way was i crying or whining. I was simply stateing what has been said to me and reasons why people have quit the game. I spend plenty of time playing and have fun doing it! My only personal complaint was originally was the mats and how there is no way to really obtain certain ones except once in a blue moon a quest might pop up. ( I need Tomes) and there has only been one quest that ive seen in the past 3-4 months that has had (1) in it! Thats my only issue the rest is me simply relaying what other players have been angry about. Im just being the mouth piece!
But on the other hand whoever is saying that my team should be fully ascended by now and that im not doing quests is outta their mind! One i do almost every quest and two not everyone gets the same prize loot! So if you have been one of the lucky ones to get all the mats youve needed for hero. Well yippy skippy for you! I unfortunately havent been as lucky! Im gonna continue to keep growing my team and doing whatever i can to get better heros,… and when i do finally get these heros leveled up i hope i find some of you who said i was whining in a raid or war someday just so i can smash you. With that said have a good one, keep on grinding!


ROOK, i see your list of mats up there, only thing im not seeing is any tome of tactics or damascus blades! Lol I too have a bunch of extra materials like you just not as much. Just cant seem to get the 2 that you failed to mention.


Actually, everybody does get exactly the same ascension materials from doing the rare quests, like Farholme Pass, Frostmarch, etc. They also get the same loot for completing seasonal events and challenge events (winners get extra materials beyond that, but everyone who completes the Epic and Legendary paths gets the same non-farmable AM).

That’s why we’re all trying to figure out how you can have only one 5* fully ascended if you’ve been doing all the quests. We’re not trying to be difficult–it just doesn’t make sense how that could be.