More New Heros.... Why?

I keep reading about the release of more new heros, (wonderland heros & HOTM’s) My question is why? & whats everyone getting excited for? I’d hate to burst everyones bubble but theres quite a few issues with this game that players and especially the Dev’s need to realize! 1) Dont plan on getting any of the heros you want, the % of pulling any of these “good” heros is less than nil! 2) yay,… you pulled one… How are you going to level the hero up to max potential when odds are you dont even have the materials required for 3/4 of the heros you already have!? & 3) The effects that some of these newer heros possess are pretty much one sided. They are either good for raids OR the map OR wars OR titans. Some ive read about seem pretty useless for anything. They beef up the description of effects but overall none of them even compete to the heros previously released such as Guin or Grave that developers made to strong for their own good!..
Now dont get me wrong i enjoy playing the game but and i understand that it is a slow procedure to develope a great roster of heros… But Slow has become (too slow!) This Is what the Dev’s need to realize! They are putting all this effort into creating heros that dont mean squat to the majority of this games players (P2P & F2P) if none of us can afford or have the materials to ascened what we already have let alone new heros! And as far as these tokens go… lol i keep getting them which is great, but cant use most of them when all the 4 & 5* heros are stuck at a certain level and have been waiting MONTHS for certain items! So ending this rant with 2 questions that id love to hear others feedback on. WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE A NEW 5* HERO THAT YOU CAN ONLY LEVEL UP TO 3-70 OR MORE QUESTS, CHESTS, AND CHALLENGES THAT PROVIDE YOU WITH MATERIALS TO MAX LEVEL THE HEROS YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE OR ARE AVAILABLE?.. & HOW ARE THESE TOP 100 PLAYERS ABLE TO MAX MULTIPLE NEW HEROS IN LESS THAN A WEEK? (I SMELL SOMETHING A LITTLE FISHY GOING ON UP THERE!)

Sorry for the long rant, im just a little fed up at the greed im seeing happen to this game! Ive had multiple alliance members quit the game completely because of these issues. Its not a fun game when you have to buy your way to the top! And even if you spend, your money dont go very far with alot of these “deals” or “specials” because they only include a 1/4 of anything you need!


Indeed, this is what I was referring to in the thread of GVM, the greed of SG has broken the game. This game, as no one ignores, bases its balance on the fact that it is a long distance race, it is designed so that you spend a lot of time on everything, create teams, create buildings, get and upload heroes, etc, everything takes time. But in that balance, in principle, there was also a creation of measured heroes. The problem is that, respecting the original slowness of falling elements and rise of heroes and buildings, greed have been created to create high-level heroes without measure, this creates frustration at all levels. The one who has money, because, except for a few, as the low rate of falling resources can not be raised, nobody can at that rate and is frustrated, the one who does not have or has little, because he sees his team It is immediately behind and you can not upload what you catch because there are no mats. SG has to be clear that either he ceases in the constant creation of level heroes, or he changes the rate of heroes and mats falling or he will see the game fail.


And Failing it is! I dont want to see that happen but at the rate its going it wont be much longer for even alot of veteran players to say farewell! I have one player that is debating quiting the game after this next war thats scheduled. & The team or roster she has spent all the time and money on is 3X bigger and better then the one i have! Thats just sad that even players with that high caliber of a team are wanting to quit everything due to the developers lack of balance, fairness, and resources available. I have (1) 5* hero out of 8 that is in its final ascension and have been playing this game for almost a year! And yes ive spent enough $! Yet i cant increase any of the other heros (BUT if i was joe blow in “10$XtraDOUBLE D top 100 alliance”) id be maxing 5’s faster then a one song lap dance!

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After a year of gameplay you should be at least close to be able to ascend a 5* rainbow. I am closing in on eight month and I getting really close to gathering all the requires ascension mats for that, and with a more than decent stock of ham and rugged clothes for TC19. The only thing I’m missing are the 5* to ascend :grin::joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I mean not even one 5* in eight month! Should be about 100 pulls by now, gems, tokens and atlantis coins… and a few weeks of TC20… still no 5* hero…


The thing is, this game is enjoyable no matter the heroes you have, you will have challenges and opponents to face and team spirit no matter if you have a big 5* roster or not. We have players in our alliance with no ascended 5stars and they still contribute significantly and enjoy the game a lot.

And then just to rub it in a bit, this is my top team after 5 months of playing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let’s break this down:

  1. It’s a new month, so there’s a new HotM. This addition should hardly be surprising.
  2. The last new challenge event, Grimforest, was released in June 2018. A new event evry eight months doesnt seem overwhelmingly quick.
  3. Season 2 has been rolling in since last summer, adding three groups of three 5* heroes. That averages put to one new 5* S2 hero per month. There are no announced plans to continue releasing new S2 heroes or when a Season 3 might start.
  4. In 2018 SGG created seasonal challenges with new heroes. My working assumption is that we’ve seen all such seasonal heroes, and they’ll now rerun that content.

I agree that there has been a deluge of new heroes, but when you break it down, the additions make sense and were predictable.


Only 5 months of playing huh… must have pretty deep pockets or besties with the Devs… Ive been waiting 5 months for tabards and tomes… So just goes to prove the unbalance and fairness this game provides to its players.


(& Kerridoc). You know what new heros im talking about! Just go to the “other site” and you can see all of them. Unreleased or not!!! Moral of this post is…Alot of time is going into making new heros and not going into listening to its players and what is making alot of people quit or stop spending! Which i know the money is what it all boils down to! And NO nothing about the events is predictable! And even if they were broadcasted it still doesnt mean the items people have been lacking for months will be obtainable! So since your a master at predicting lol, tell me when ill be getting something other than map loot so i can ascend some heros!

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I spend between 75$ - 110$ a month

That’s a really nice team for such a short time. I’ve played since May 2017 and only have two of those heroes! Congrats!


I like that it is difficult to achieve many and varied goals in this game, it is what keeps it interesting. If I had been able to get all the heroes I wanted and assend them, I would now be quitting because i was bored. I love it when luck runs my way, and I love that there is so much else to do when it doesn’t. I never expected to get everything I wanted in this game, it is so obviously not set up that way. But I sure enjoy trying :smile:


$75- $110… Im not even going to say what ive spent over the past 2-3 months only it makes that seem like peanuts!

I know exactly what heroes are, or have been, in beta:

  • Two HotM, blue and red
  • Five Wonderland heroes (three 5*, two 4*)
  • the final set of Atlantis heroes (three 5*)

Anything else youve seen on “another site” is fake news.


Beta is exactly what i was refering to, just thought we werent supposed to mention it since its such a big secret lol…

The frequency of the rare quests alone should have supplied you with enough to at least get close to ascending a full 5* team assuming you’ve been completing them. Not to mention getting them randomly from chests.

Are you chasing elemental chests? That’s another source. And higher level titans.

Also mostly buy gems that are part of deals that give you mats.

Yes it’s hard to get the mats but there are many ways to get them or at least give you better odds at getting them.

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Wait, What!? Only 3 more Atlantis 5* heroes?

Yep, we’ve got Ariel, Atomos and Poseidon. End of story.


Oof! I hope they’re already brainstorming S3 and ways to keep S2 heroes available for the future. I stink so bad on getting S2 5* that I’m gonna need lotsa extra chances. :grin:

Another New heroes is the same like another new iphone or samsung.
In order for the company to survive, growth and making money, they need to release new heroes otherwise this game will be called stuck.

Launching new things is equal to keep growing.


I like new heroes. For a while it felt like I was only seeing the same heroes. Mixing it up with new faces makes more lineup variables.

My (internal) complaint when I started was that (it felt like) there were only 20 heroes. Give people options, that’s what I say.

Sure some faces you see more than others, but variety is the something of something!

Don’t want new heroes, don’t use 'em.

My lineup has improved, but my trophy record still stands with a BT, Grimm x 2, Caedmon, and Obakan lineup.

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