More new advanced mines or farms?

It takes FOREVER to get enough steel to upgrade your infrastructure let alone make items for the game. Could you please consider allowing more than 2 advanced mines or higher level ones to be able to play the game a bit smoother !

Does anyone know if/when more advanced buildings are going to open up. I have so much Iron to burn and no where to put it. Ham seems to go very fast on troops/levelling. I’d love to see more ways to use iron. Maybe a choice for troop upgrade or researching levels…

I’m not there yet but I can definitely see it from where I am. I’ve converted two mines to advanced builds since I don’t need the Iron. I have almost all my building maxed (1 training camp at 19 that I could level to 20 and probably some forge upgrades buried under HA/AL but they both have bug queues). My mats for the battle items are definitely going down and will run out sooner rather than later. A few of the Hunters lodge items only need Iron but mats for those will go quickly I’m sure. Offhand I’ve got mats for about 50 of each of the 3. Alchemy lab can also potentially help get more regular mats but it doesn’t feel like even with all of that it will be possible to actually use all my iron indefinitely.

A few more buildings would only push that out a little bit. In the end what they need is a big sink that doesn’t necessarily have an end to it. Allowing hero and/or troop training with iron instead of or in addition to food would help. I’m training troops with Iron in the HA but that training is too slow to use up much iron.

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