More new advanced mines or farms?

Unlocked SH25 and the game won’t let me upgrade any new mines or farms to advanced mines or farms?

SG made every new item in Hunter’s lodge so expensive and competition for resources so great through emblems and regular battle items but then don’t increase the rate of resources?

This is poor game dynamics SG… you’ve undermined all the new content by making it beyond the capacity for players to use. Might as well pack your harpoons away people as titan parts are useless.

Shame on you SG


You’re right. The only advanced building unlocked with SH25 is Hero Academy. I’m already leveling up to level 2.

I never used harpoons. Saw exactly no point in doing it. As you said, the Hunter’s Lodge items are way too expensive and people reported they cannot be used in Events… :man_facepalming:

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I’m going to 5, it goes up fast

Yo ya voy al 5 se sube rapido

It seems that, the current number of Advanced buildings when maxed are quite sufficient to cater for the resources needed so far,.all in line with long grinding tradition…

But, regarding additional adv mines and adv farms, imo, I’m not sure devs would want to provide features that would accelerate things faster that it is currently, also there would be need to balance the free resources vs resources being offered for sale in the game’s store.
Just imagine all the farms and mines are all advanced…would be so nice, but then…

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I have to ask do you want more advanced farms, mines?
I was just looking at the advanced mine and going from level 8 to level 9 the increase in production would take about 47 weeks to make up for the iron not produced while you are upgrading
I don’t want to know how many years it would take to cover going from level1 to 10


More storage is probably more to the point, actually, even though storage upgrades are about the least “sexy” upgrade you can do, at least you have some reserve after spending millions and millions of iron or food on whatever you are doing.

The 10s conversion time has been a little strange from the first time conversions were introduced (barracks), but is necessary so that converting back isn’t so painful. But it is certainly annoying to go to 0 iron and have to leave your builder(s) idle for several days until you’re back up to 2.6 million…

See title to answer this thread.

That’s a very good question.

Maybe devs don’t want players to build HA too fast? Maybe they don’t want players to reach endgame cuz most would probably leave?

Maybe… Just maybe… It’s cuz of bad game design?

Only devs know the answer :man_shrugging:


Or…maybe it’s Maybelline…


Only your hairdresser knows for sure…

And they told two friends. And so on, and so on and so on.


I know what you mean, I was disappointed that I couldn’t convert my final iron storage level 20 to advanced. Rather had to wait 8 more days for my final advanced iron storage to get to level 10

Tamagotchi Digital Pet Castle

I cannot decide if Advanced storage, and Advanced production, buildings were designed that way:

Because level 21- 25 would be too boring

Because level 21- 25 would be too simple and waste less of players time, er, lower daily game engagement

Because level 21- 25 would be too simple and lower chance of wasted resource production

Because level 21- 25 was not how the other new buildings worked

Because other reason

None of the above

All of the above ( most recent thinking )


This only bolstered my theory that maxing Hero Academy is not the last structure to be seen and the end-game of E&P as some players have claimed. SH26 = more Advanced Farms and Mines and House and Storages(?). SH27 = Advanced Forge(?). SH28 = Gems, Tokens, Coins Factory(?). SH29 = Trading Center(?). SH30 = I dunno…

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In all scenarios, it gives room for future development.

It’s so that you are always going to starve for resources and throttle your progression. They have conveniently provided you with a solution though, buy gems to speed that progression :dollar: :gem:

I just calculated the time to “turn a profit” from leveling my first advanced mine to level 2… about 50 days. My advanced mines will not be going past level one until I’ve done everything else possible.

Leveling advanced farm from 1 to 2 only takes 35 days to pay for itself. I might take it up one or two levels eventually, but my focus now is storage and stronghold. Skipping HL completely and pursuing AL as fast as possible. AL should reduce the amount of real money spending needed during AR to produce enough items to compete in challenge events.

This month i spent about $40 on AR and still didn’t come up with enough to compete in both rare and epic, will have to pick one or the other once I see the loot.

Praying for the 50 mana potions to appear in the Hunter’s special before Wonderland starts.

Hi, everyone! Firstly, sorry for my poor English.
So, i have 4 iron storages - 2 advanced at level 10 and 2 “basic” at level 20, stronghold at level 25. I can’t upgrade basic to advanced. I can’t figure out, what is wrong with my buildings and what can i do to increase my iron storage capacity. If needed, i can provide some screenshots. Would be very grateful for your help.
Also, hero academy lvl 3.

There are usually 5 iron storages.
(3 advanced storages)


So you must have heard 2x Standard 20, 2x advanced +10 and 1x advanced +3.
Otherwise you won’t get the Hero Academy at level 3.

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