More items to buy / Allow more item to train heroes

Hello there,

Just an idea… I personally ALWAYS lack of Adverture’s kits & little 1* swords (to train 1/2* heroes)

Of course we can get some for free from farming but would be cool if we also could buy some.

For a few gems, would be awesome. If there were actually some in the shop, I’d have bought some for 1 000 gems I think.

So… I don’t think that I’m the only one in this case.

Thanks !

EDIT : or allow us to use other items to train those heroes. I have 2 484 1* plant, 666 1* metal, 589 1* bones, 1 073 oil & a few other items I have over 500 of each. Accept them to train heroes :c

i pretty much think you are the only one in this… and just so you dont get me wrong im a spender and i have reached a place where i wanna spend but there is nothing to spend on but this idea is just another step in the p2w direction which is not fair for f2p players

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Heh, not telling to reduce the drops of adventure’s kits or something, just to allow the people who want to buy some, to be able to.

But I understand ur point.

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