More Iron, with that daily amount it is impossible to keep up with the game

You have to find a formula to make this game fun.
those of us who are always rising heroes and like to attack the titan know that from a certain level of the game iron could double or even triple production and it would never be enough
Apart from never being enough it is desperate since to promote a hero the necessary amounts of iron are insane, the amounts of iron for emblems the same and if you add that to upload the warehouses you need entire warehouses … it gets desperate …but it doesn’t end here … those of us who like to attack the Titan hard and from Titans 11 * - 12 * - 13 * - and 14 *
If you do not have time clocks and tornadoes, the scores are quite low and with what the alliances tighten it is impossible to do everything that the game has with this daily amount of iron … so feeling very much the best is to end this game and look for a game with a lower level of demand since no matter how much one wants it is more than impossible to pay 4,000 gems every day to fill the iron warehouse.

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@DaveCozy has a solution for storing iron
But does depend I guess how far you in the game. Guessing far due to titan you’re facing.
Iron is as pain for me n I don’t have vip so the second builder ain’t taking that up.


Iron isn’t really a problem for me (I’m lvl 40, SH 23, and FTP). Early on there’s always a lack of iron, but once you’ve played for long enough that upgrades take weeks and emblem costs are way higher than iron costs, you’ll find there’s always plenty laying around. An iron to food (and vice versa) converter would be nice though!

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Level 65 here, played for 14 months, CTP.

I’ve never once had enough iron OR food. There’s ALWAYS something I could be doing, that I can’t because I’m waiting.

Moving emblems from a +19 5 onto another takes a week worth of resources.

Useful titan items demand a constant flow of iron.

Advanced upgrades require storing up a huge amount. Yes, then it sits and spins for a week, but that’s still 2.5 million per week that’s ‘spoken for.’

I need like 4 more mines and 8 more farms.


Since I stopped spending in April I have no 2nd builder. Now I have plenty of iron, giving me the luxury of crafting Tornados, which push my Titan scores.
Sure, a storage for iron similar to hams in TC20 would be fine, bc moving talents from one hero to another is quite consuming my iron stock.

P. S. I am lvl 63, SH25, HA up to 7 in progress right now

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I appreciate your opinion, you can enlighten us all
With your proposal since you name it and although it is not enough for the very high amount of iron that is needed, it may be useful for many. Thank you !!
You mean a warehouse that turns food into iron? No more?

Academy troop training queues are a way to store iron like food in long TC20 queues.

Hero Academy allows that when it comes to troop training. Level 6 trains 3* troops with 151k over 2.5 days. So that’s an option.

Personally, I have enough iron. I’m F2P so I don’t have a second builder, and sitting at SH 25 with my HA being upgraded to level 8. The only time my iron supply will dip is with the big upgrades, or if I decide to craft 10+ harpoons at once. Aside from harpoons, the only things I may craft are tornadoes and dragons, but that doesn’t happen that often.

Unlike a lot of people here, I don’t shift emblems on a regular basis, so that’s a non-factor for me.

Exactly, it wouldn’t be a perfect solution, but it would often be helpful. If other materials were required, the output could possibly be more food/iron than food/iron inputted. It’d probably be best for a converter to be integrated into another building (Watchtower, Advanced Farm/Mine, Advanced Iron/Food Storage, or Alchemy Lab) so it doesn’t take up more space.

Also, I’d like to reiterate that I’m FTP and don’t frequently shift emblems, so I’m not a huge consumer of iron. A converter warehouse might not be very helpful for players that consume large amounts of food and iron.

Exacly you answer yourself. You cannot have more that is simple. Maybe try to manage it better or spend less money so you don’t have to spend so much on emblems etc or spend more to fill your iron / farm more resources.

To be fair, SGG did give us quite a bit of iron and food in the POV in crates. Those are super helpful when you need a little boost to upgrade.


Im just saying, i have never had a iron problem in this game, there was always excess and there are still excess iron. The only thing comes to my mind is you are not well planning your building upgrade and craftings.

Band aid:

Add 50-100k meat/iron to VIP membership.

If upgrades cost 2mm you need an offset to make use of the second builder, or else it sits idle most of the month.

The PoV meat wads demonstrate this.

Alternatively, allow buildings to function while they are being upgraded.


That, I think qualifies as P2P

My solution is HA2 for storing iron. Or any of the troop training levels from 2, 4 and 6 in Hero Academy, for that matter.

It does require having Hero Academy of course

Everything in this game is a deficit on something, may it be iron, food, recruits, heroes, troops, feeder heroes, feeder troops, crafting materials, ascension materials, battle items, emblems, structure level, EHTs, ETTs, Atlantis Coins, Valhalla Coins, Challenge Coins, Legends Coins, Masquerade Keys, gems, money, player level, heroes level, troop level, titan score, titan flags, raid flags, WE flags, flasks, costumes, alliance members, etc. Every player wants this while the other one wants that. Some players need this, the other one needs that. This has been the game we are sucked in to.

In 10 days, my Hero Academy will finish construction to its maxed level. My Forges are all level 10. All my Taining Camps are level 20. All available advanced structures maxed. Everything is at max level, awaiting only HA. Then version 31 will come and this will be another grind since new advanced house, farm, mine, food storage and iron storage will be available. The cycle continues. And i will be lacking irons again, or food, or… you dig what I mean. And the cycle continues…


Where do you read that a new advanced house, farm, mine, etc… will be available in Version 31 ?

I just assumed that those will happen. I can’t think of SGG leaving some structures as is with only a few of them with advanced buildings, i.e. farm, mine, storages, house. Maybe SH goes to level 30 with advanced watchtower, advanced training camps, advanced forge, trading post, resources converter (iron to food and vice versa, or making them into bundles, etc). I think SG has a lot more in store in this game than people think that everything ended at SH25 and HA.

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Nice was, if ham and iron would be filled up when the player level will increase.

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Yeah. Why didn’t we asked SG for that years ago?

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