More interesting loot would make this game even better

the basic loot from the map is gruesomely dull… our world is to the brim filled with ham, leather,rocks and vegetables… lootwise it gets boring in a very short time.
What wouldnt atleast i give for some whacky super rare loot, especially from maps with quest objectives on, maps you have to grind for 800dwarven spies or the like.

And by rare loot i mean flimsy stuff that doesnt give an unfair edge in battlemode or any competative branch.

It could be stuff like:
collectorstuff: *avatarpictures
tokens for free namechange
Perishables for flimsy effects.

It doesnt have to be advanced stuff, just somethong to make it worthwile to farm ex mok-arr boss in s2 10-9…150times

Thought we have that with the avatar missions?

I see why you consider this to be the same thing, but in a wider gaming perspective it isnt.

That is a questreward, i.e deliver 800 dwarves from a bucket you know contains dwarves to recieve a picture of a dwarf, wich is very much like work… something ppl want to avoid by playing a game.

Rare loot would be:
-while you and 10000 others are collecting 800 dwarves to deliver for the quest, one of the 10000 finds an avatarpicture of Kageburado in pigtails holding a lollypop.

-yes? :smiley:


Fair enough

Not something i personally find appealing but i can see why others would

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