More Information/ New tab on Alliance Info Page

I Would love to see 2 or even 3 tabs on Alliance Info sheets that everyone could view. and have information like a player profile. stuff like:
-When the Alliance was created or age (days ago)
-Strongest Titan killed
-Titans defeated (maybe a % of the last 50 or something along those lines)
-Leader Name
-War win%
-Longest War Streak
-Highest Alliance Global Rank
-Highest Alliance Score
-% of members who have completed ~XYZ

I think this would be a really cool feature for Alliances to work together and better themselves and track their progress. and it would be fun to compare to other alliances.

And it could be searchable, so people could find alliances that fit their criteria and maybe save everyone’s sanity and eyeballs in AR.

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the ideal scenario would be (and will probably not happen but here it goes); another tab that only the members in the alliance could see and it would have some info that many of us try and keep track of like:

  • who missed War Flags
  • who didn’t hit the titan
  • the average titan damage for all the alliance members.
  • or even an average war score of each member ( this would be a bit more difficult to calculate since total available changes based on # of opponents, but it could even be a ratio of points gained / Points given up)

these could then be updated based on the last 20 wars, last 50 titans and so on.

Many of us have long running excel/google sheet spread sheet to track some of this stuff (or at least try to unsuccessfully) and can only share it in Line or discord, if it were within the game itself it would be more time on the game and less time elsewhere. ( and frankly much easier to calculate since its already in the game)

thats another can of worms but i think a filter on alliance search would be amazing. if only to turn off the language requirement. but even something like don’t show alliances with less that XXX points or XXX requirements, or invite only vs open.

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I would love to see current alliance strength. Combining of all members heroes in single display. If in the future we can challenge other alliances, be nice to know how evenly matched you are.

Hi all!

Just an idea, had a search but wasn’t really sure what words to put in to see if this idea had been suggested.

Currently when you click on an alliance, all it tells you is how many members it has, it’s score and required trophies.

I’d like to see some accomplishments!

Things like:

  • Highest Titan defeated

  • Fastest titan defeated (level and how quickly it was killed)

  • Accumulative defense power (could be taken from the most recent war)

  • Average member level

  • Highest / Lowest member level

  • Highest war win streak

  • Current war win streak

  • Highest war points

  • Most used defense hero

I just think It’d be nice to see some of these things in one screen similar to how we have our own player profiles

Nice idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s sth similar:

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Ah so there is!

Very similar to mine in fact and also a few good ones I didn’t think of like the global rank!

Thanks, :slight_smile:

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