More info from defensive battles good idea?



First some general points about the info given from defensive battles:

You get info about:
• who attacked you and when.
• amount of cups lost or won

• When clicking on the player that attacked, you also get info about the players current amount of cups and their defensive team.

This means you can’t actually see what team was used to attack you.

This also means that you get a false representation why the attacker won/lost he amount of cups they did. This is mostly important to point out since I see lots of confusion from players thinking they lost lots of cups to someone above them. The truth is that the player was beneath you when the attack occurred but has since then climbed up above you, either through wining more cups or you losing.

What you don’t get info about:
• as mentioned above, you don’t get info about the actual team used to win against you.
• you don’t get to watch the battle, i.e you don’t get info about tactics used.

The list above can of course be made endless, with comical effect “you don’t get info about current weather” and so on (just trying to stay ahead of some commentators…).

Is this good or bad? I would love to know more of the team and tactics used when breaking, or failing, my defences but I can also see a point it being more of a guessing game. More mysterious if you will. I tend to chase the math and logic behind a game but when finding it I will see how I’m just trapped in an endless loop by the devs and lose interest.



I’m guessing the mystery is there on purpose so you don’t lose interest… :wink:


Actually I suspect it was simply lack of developer time to get a feature like that implemented.

Clash of Clans has had replays for years for example, and it was invaluable for tweaking one’s defense. On the premise we continue to get more cards with more diverse skill sets, something like a replay would be more and more valuable.

It may not be feasible, replays could be expensive from an infrastructure perspective, but I think it would create more player engagement and therefore stickiness, rather than lessen it through some sense of mystery haha.

Right now we see continual complaints regarding the state of raids today, and since we have absolutely no idea what someone hit us with, the default “they won with 1000 power less than me! ■■■!” would be flat terminated if they could see I’m really raiding with a 2900 team instead of a 1550 one, just sayin’ :smile: