More heroes of Seasonal events

Ki all. Please vote if You want more Heroes in Seasonal events, especially im Morlovia and Springvale.
There are only three Heroes left per one of these.

What would be great to add:

Springvale - female rabbits (yellow 5* and purple 4*) or some new Animals like beavers.

Morlovia - some zombies or more skeletons (like Oberon or Tyrum) especially 5* and 4*. Ofc suitable to add more colors - green and red.
Yellow might be out of topic :slight_smile:
Here I have special idea for hero - Headless Rider (Red 5*)

Sonds like a good Idea. More means more. Both Event Hero Groups feel like they are a bit underpowered, so there should be a chance to pimp these events a little bit.

Bad idea! Soon we’d be invaded by rabbits! Just look at Squire Wabbit. This is a recipe for disaster.

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Get the point?


Yeahh, it would be great to add new heroes for Morlovia. I dont like Springvalle at all!! i feel like the heroes are kinda silly, not even tried to summon any of them actually

Welcome to the community.

What would be nice is to actually receive the special heroes in all special events including Atlantis after spending gems on them and only receiving the crap heroes that you can get daily. What’s the point in spending the gems only to receive something you could of got in level 20 of a training camp? It’s not a gumball machine and you make it out like everyone will receive something. I spent 700 gems on Atlantis and received two crap 3*** heroes that had nothing to do with Atlantis at all. So I tell everyone doing waste your gems just level up a training camp to 20 and after 9 months of non stop everyday play I still only have 2 that’s right 2 5***** heroes out of 95 heroes total.

I’ve noticed the imbalance of seasonal event heroes as well (3 in Springvale and Morlovia, 4 in Christmas/Winter, and 6 in Sand Empire).

How about a yellow vampire hunter and green vampire hunter for Morlovia? One male and one female. Maybe a werewolf too?

Krampus and a yeti for the Winter event.

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I’m not sure for yellow Heroes during Morlovia. Vampires and other monstera because it’s connected with Halloween. Headless Rider is typhical for this. Also… Scacrecrow.

Better idea is to add those hero that currently exidt on Morlovia ratę quest

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I was thinking yellow and green for vampire hunters since the vampires’ colors are blue and purple (opposing forces).

I like your idea of using some of the bosses from the Morlovia rare quest, but they would need to change their abilities to match the summonable heroes.

Adding bad guys would make more sense for the event than adding an opposing force, since the current summonable event heroes are on the same side. +1 for the Headless Horseman and Scarecrow

Halloween event is in dire need of new or different hero’s. Headless rider, aka headless horseman would be awesome have exploding head that when thrown damages target and nearby.
Frankenstein, strong as hell, already dead, how do you kill him, but with fire.
Goblins,/Ghouls, swarm and cause confusion making you miss your directly targeted opponet.

Kids, what can I say here, their overwhelming body odor due to puberty affects aim, sticky little fingers slow your mana.