More heroes less excitement

I didn’t find S4 heroes so attractive plus this seem a never ending struggle to get new heroes. Why spend money if we already have enough heroes to take part in all parts of game. The excitement I had before is not the same as of now. Is it just me or you people also think the same?


To be honest i haven’t even summoned for them yet. I still have plenty of other heroes on stand-by. 3, 4, and 5* heroes. I would just max everyone you have currently then summon when you actually need more heroes. I wish I would’ve thought of this earlier before I cut my playing time.


Nope, not just you. I feel exactly the same… Currently I have 40+ legendary heros sitting somewhere between 1-1 and 3-70.

I admit, a lot of them are S1 and some are dupes so not overly excited about them. But I would say at least 15-20 deserve a chance to see the real game. If I start to pull now for S4 heros, there’s a big chance I will never level them. And I paid for them, like a lot.

So, yeah. I didn’t pull for S4 this time. My next pulling frenzy will be in April during Springvale (have a decent amount of EHT), and if I pull HoTM i guess I will not try S4 portal before May. Perhaps even in June.

In other words, I’m sick and tired of running after every fancy toy they throw in front of us. It’s time to level all those heros I found by the road so far - even if those are not known to be absolutely the best. :slightly_smiling_face:


It all depends what is going to make it an exciting experience for you; if you don’t feel more heroes are worth pulling for and you can already form teams for all events, that’s great, no?

Prioritising what you enjoy (I don’t really raid anymore, feels like a chore) and putting your enjoyment into perspective (I love the varied competition that an alliance in the 250-500 range brings, for instance) might be good steps in realising some level of fulfilment.

Saying that, the S4 heroes are mostly awesome, and I’d be thrilled to summon any of the 5*s. But if I felt I was competitive (like, top1-5% in events) anyway, they’d just be a bonus.


I have only two S2.
I have zero S3.
I’m planning to pull S4 only at the end of it with free tokens.

I still kick@ss in events, titans and raids.
Better then people that has spent 10 more then me, or has a deck 3 times better then mine.

Really easy to be good with the best heroes and tons of items and retries.
But can you be good with what you have?

Try and see it for yourself.
That’s where you see if you have the skills.

All the rest are only credit card warriors.


I believe this is the real challenge. :slight_smile:

Not to have all the best, but to be the best with what you have. :muscle:


Same here. Haven’t sone any summon in S4. Good to max the current roster.

Agree that it depends on where you and how you and your alliance want to compete. The S4 heroes are stronger than previous season’s heroes. If you run into teams with a bunch of them and don’t have heroes as strong you may get frustrated, but if your not dealing with that circumstance, or are able to overcome the difference other ways, then what’s the point, right?

I think this is actually a perfect example of WHY SG should provide a means to productively recycle Duplicate 5s. If you have a group waiting to ascend it may actually slow down the number of new pulls.


i’m also not excited, but for a slightly different reason - I still miss many S2 and S3 heroes.

S2 - only have one 5*; missing three 4*s including Wilbur

S3 - not a single 5*; only have 4/10 of the 4s; and even missing one 3

now that Underwild coins have replaced Valhalla coins in loot… yeah… I also feel like it is a never-ending struggle.


I feel the same and I don’t know if is is me but it feels like alot of players have vanished, recruiting and the buzz of excitement isn’t really in the air.

I also think that, honestly, SG, you have to really start rewarding players, loot drops have to start being really great again and unbolt, unlock, unchain the suffocating grip hold on accention materials, IF YOU DO… Me as a player and many others will really start enjoying the game, the excitement will be back, yeah sure, we might have a duplicate hero but with more accention materials dropping, we can actually afford and look forward to working on our rostas and hero’s

Yeah OK fine sure, the bad pulling odds ect, but people wouldn’t complain as much or get frustrated as if they do get a new hero that excitement they first had when they first started playing the game would be back as its a new hero to work on… You nerf hero’s,people go crazy, yeah fine whatever, BUT the fact that if you change accention materials drops where players can easily obtain PROVIDING THEY ARE ACTIVE won’t bother them too much, heck even HA10 might not be that big of an issue as if accention materials drop rates were more and easier to obtain then players would happily invest in duplicate hero’s or try their luck at a pull.

YAY, NEW SEASON 4, I’m not actually excited at all… As pulls are as bad as they are anyways… SG, why didn’t you celebrate the new exiting season 4 with awarding all of us with a free 30 pull or 3000 underwild tokens? That would have generated so much excitement, everyone would be talking about it, who they got or not, even a new 3*…The e&p book guy on YouTube did 6x30 pulls for just 1…ONE…SINGULAR… UNO 5* Underwild hero, like waste of money but anyways that’s your gravy profit SG, but my point is awarding every player 30 wouldn’t exactly have cost you any profits or given away all new hero’s.

SG, give us thousands more hero’s, events ect, Awesome, but atleast buff up un nerf rewards and make accention materials easier to obtain and increase drop rates everywhere, reward your playerbase for logging in, yeah sure, you might loose some $$ in the accention materials side of things, but eventually, players are just left stuck, frustrated, instead of enjoying the game it becomes feeling like a chore, rewards are not rewarding cause if they were, players would enjoy it, plan their game, their hero’s, their rostas ect, but as is, it’s become stagnent, stuck ish, boring and people become disinterested and leave.

Reward your community… Unlock loot drops suffocation… Increase accention materials drops, heck go crazy and make them even farmable, I promise you now, the game for us all will become super fun people will really enjoy the game, old players might come back, then we can try our luck at a new hero or work on a 3rd horghall 5* cause we can and are not limited or suffocated in not doing so, instead of sitting jammed up with hero’s we either have no mats to lvl OR the miniscule mats we do have we just can’t afford or risk investing into either a weak/outdated/niche hero or a hero that you nerf after.

SG, for your entire playerbase, your customers,ftp players, for me, this would be the best thing that you can do for us and the game, everything will change for the better and everything will be exciting, when you have a sense of achievement, and when you play you get rewarded accordingly and unnerfingly, you just enjoy it, you can collect, stockpile, invest in hero’s quite happily,invest in slow unappealing hero’s just because you can and enjoy them, and then why not try for a new hero.

But as is, SG, unless you change just these basics, man… I just don’t know


I m overwhelmed. Great message!


Agreed its pointless now might as well level what I got as it more then enough to complete in all events and wars. If RNG is on your side lol. Pulls now will just be a waste of money unless u like to collect hero’s and dawas :rofl:

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Imo, they are just recycled specials on different heros with different classes/colors. Maybe a small variant, but essentially all the same thing.

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While there are people willing to spend on 6x30 pulls for one hero, why would they change a thing??


That’s my point often… We often tend to criticize them for being greedy, but actually they make profit out of our greediness in essence. Not denying that everyone can do with their money whatever they want, I’m struggling to understand the rationale behind. I want it all, I want it now, no matter what it will cost me was never my thing. :man_shrugging:t2:



Elite players
OK I put it this way to SG,… SG, 1000 x elite players spend $600 =$600000. 00

25 Million Free to play

25Millon Cheap to play x $30 deal on a 1x10 pull=$250million

AND most the community is not happy.

I mean if SG is a business, SG you do the math

The game has seriously buckled,… cater and do things better for the entire game and playerbase and community so the game is thoroughly enjoyed or cater purely only for the rich and those with addiction problems and see the game die off and the community already not spending and some leaving.


I feel you, I do, but these whales drive content and dictate the pace through this spending, thereby making the game more varied (not necessarily to everyone’s liking) for us mortals.

And where are you generating your figures? There certainly ARE 1000+ elite (wealthy?) players who spend thousands, not hundreds of dollars in game right now; there are certainly NOT 25 million players, and never will be.


That’s true, there are players that spend thousands, I’ve seen it, I’ve even seen them sending money on money orders to their teammates to buy gems, I wish I had saved those videos… But again that was a very long time ago.

And there’s nothing wrong with whales driving pace and spending a fortune, it doesn’t bother me, what does bother me is that the game has become stagnent for most, I do really love this game and I do really want the new hero’s but I’m so unexcited that I haven’t even bothered to take any notice.

I’m truly hopeful that this is just a really bad unfortunate phase and that some sort of real improvements take place, for the better health of the game and community

And to you SG, man, you know, YOU KNOW that loot drops are so bad that Mercs,and alot of us keep tabs on different alliances to join just before a titan spawns just incase its a rare one that spawns for a chance of mats… Now, even staying in the same alliance, its been… I don’t know how long that I or any alliance members have received any 4* accention materials, I even merc for loot… But then again, I guess you have caught on that players are doing this out of frustration or and trying to be savvy so you nerfed rare Titans for everyone, merc or no merc.

And I don’t have any real figures, but my figures are a example,… but 50mil downloads, my history and experience in the game as everyone else’s, before and like today its like a ghost town.


I haven’t even done a pull nor started S4 maps, no excitement at all to even start doing them. I didn’t get any S3 5* from all the single coin/ few gem pulls at all, and I really doubt I’m ever gonna get S4 5*. It’s just the same thing all over again, new heroes, new maps to get coins, which will give you nothing at all.

The fact that there is such a small gap between completion of S3 and start of S4 is also bad. I still don’t have 2 S3 4* and, to be really honest, I’d rather right try to get them over having S4 and having RNG rewards replaced with S4 coins on already, that means I’d rather get more Valhalla coins to try to get those missing 4* or maybe get lucky and get S3 5*, but farming gnomes on Valhalla forever barely gives any coins.

They started S4 early, so they can get more money from spenders. That minority of players that spend thousands of euro/dollars a month; while the majority of players are unhappy.
I’ll try to keep all S4 coins until the point when most S4 heroes are gonna be released already (if I won’t quit by that time, anything could happen).


I’m actually sad that with s4 out, there won’t be any valhalla coins from chest again. I have zero s3 5*, and i’m still missing some of the best 4* like mist. Have the same problem with s2, only one 5*, and missing the best 4* wilbur & proteus.

At least seadragon can still yield me 1 free pull each month (basically 3* food). Last VF i only receive like 45 coins. Not enough for a single pull. Gnomes are another gacha, which mainly dropped forging materials or food bundle, NOT coins…

I have problem with my squad. So any new s4 hero is a new project right away. Sadly all i have from a 10 pull are all new 3* and 1 4* (plus some s1 dupes). It seems that my luck will yield me another zero s4 5*

Probably I will quit sooner than later


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