More heroes costumes?

Now that all the classic S1 heroes have a costume, do you think that SG should release more costumes for atlantis, vallaha and other events or HOTM heroes ?

IMO SG should never release other costumes
Costumes are here to buff the classic heroes which are totally useless now if you dont have their costumes, they are too weak otherwise, they were made to reduce the gap between classic and other S2/s3/event heroes
But this buff is very costly for players, its annoying having to summon again for the costumes and then spending time and resssources to lvl up them

If we have to summon costumes again for other S2 or event heroes then it will increase again the gap
and it means we never get a real 5* untill we get his costume, we are only paying for a not complet version of them in other portals
Its very tempting for SG coz it means lot of money again for them but really bad for players
i know they have already took a decision but maybe for once they will hear players opinions
or maybe im the only one who dont want other costumes

Costumes For S2/S3/Events
  • Yes, I want costumes for S2/S3/Events heroes
  • No, costumes must be for S1 heroes only

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You look at the power creep curve and costumes for s2 is inevitable to keep up I think

But there are not enough options in the poll. Do I want them? Not really. Are they going to happen anyway? Most probably


I love the idea of costumes and find it really exciting to see some of my favorite heroes get a fun new design and their ability tweaked, but I absolutely hate that it is hidden behind a poor rng paywall.

I would love if there were events where you can work your way into unlocking costumes for heroes you have maxed already. Once you have maxed a hero, you can work your way through the levels for that hero to unlock their costume.


FWIW, it would provide an opportunity to get S2 heroes for those like me who had completed S2. Now, Atlantis coins are only available during Atlantis Rising which makes it difficult to get enough coins to summon heroes.

Particularly as I have no S2 5* heroes, a handful of 4* heroes (3x Proteus, Ameonna, 2x Triton, Gobbler, and Wilbur), and handful of 3* heroes (Gill-ra, Chochin, Melia, Gato, Mnesseus, Muggy, and Namahage).

In theory, I could get S2 5* heroes from HA20, but having another way of accessing those other S2 heroes would be appreciated.


My thought exactly…
And if an F2P player finished S2, then they do not have many opportunities to pull get S2 hero (maybe 1 pull per month if they use lot of WE fasks and pull for coins they received during AR).
An extra chance to get S2 heroes can be good for them.


If they introduce other costumes then it means other portals are useless, there is no point to summon in S2 / S3 / events portals, better wait for the costume portals to get them. So player only use their free coins on thee portals and keep their gems for costumes

if they introduce them on the same current portals that means we 'll have very low chance to get a s2 or other costumes, we ll get mostly s1 costumes
unless the replace the s2 / s3 portals by a s2/s3 costume chamber instead but thats fooling player who use gems and coins on these portals before and got only the regular heroes while now we would get the costumes

power creep with s4 is insane (look at the beta forum)
maybe be they will be nerfed before their release but costumes isnt the right answer to reduce the gap
there is no need for these heroes to have such crazy stats, they already have very strong skills, just keep them around the 700/700/1300 base stats

If we have to lvl up and summon every hero twice to get the real max version of it its really boring
IMO it would means the end of the game, they already have lot of new heroes coming with S4 and with 4 or 5 new challenge events next year
No need to introduce more and more costumes
they need to keep this game balanced but not by releasing new OP heroes and then release new costumes to reduce the gap


I vote 3rd option.

Release costumes for Season 2 heroes only after making it possible to get S2 heroes from Training Camp.


If the powercreep continues at least S2 should have costumes. S3 is the top of power now besides Ninjas and some seasonal heroes like Krampus(talking about pure stats) .

Though this thing of powercreep is hard to handle with. If you start releasing costumes for previous seasons what happen with old seasonal or old event heroes? They will fall behind i think

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Another option is to leave S2 heroes as they are. But we really need costumes for the 1st generation of HOTMs as their stats are way behind the new heroes, not to mention that they do not have Element Link and passive immunities.


Your poll in the OP will not provide a good outcome as forum users can validly tick both entries.

I would argue with that, stats wise, yes a little bit, element link and passive abilities yes they miss it, but they are still great heroes even if we compare them with the current generation.

Hel - Zulag… I would choose hel every day without the fancy stuff
Athena - Glenda… again my choice would be the old hero
Ares - Reuben… Ares is old fashioned but still useful for titans, but Reuben is probably better overall
Green and yellow isn’t released yet, Musashi isn’t really good, but Alberich is still desired.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy if they plan costumes for old HOTMs but I don’t think they need it as urgent as the S1 heroes did.

In every portal, there are good heroes and not-so-good heroes. In S1, the good ones are Joon, Lianna, Sartana, Magni and Marjana while the least desired ones are Leonidas, Horghall, Obakan, Thorne and Khagan. The same way can be said on S2 and even the S3 portals, as well as challenge and season event heroes.

The same way with HOTMs. In the first generation, Zeline, Hel, Athena and Alberich are the loved ones while Perseus, Thoth-Amun are the least favorite. 2nd Gen HOTMs would net us as the prized ones are Grave maker, Alasie, Drake and Evelyn while the least liked are Aeron and Aegir. For 3rd Gen HOTMs, Miki, Frida, Seshat, Kingston and Grazul are among those most welcomed by players while some of the rest are not that really anticipated or beloved by players.

And if you check their hero power, the 1st generation HOTMs are way way behind. If I remember it correctly, it is based on the hero’s stats. So yeah, costumes for 1st Gen HOTMs would be a welcome change.

There could be also a 4th option for S2 heroes.

Just do an upgrade to the stats of all the S2 heroes.
The onyl problem with them is the lower stats, specials skills are useful even when S4 heroes will be out. (Just think at Poseidon, Ursena, Ariel or Mitsuko)
So, why not just raise the stats with an upgrade?

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That would help overall balance, yes. But there are several players like myself who still don’t have many of the S2 heroes, and now have far fewer chances to get them compared to before.

Everybody can eventually get all of the S1 heroes. We are now in Season Three, quickly approaching Season Four, and Season Two has just been forgotten along the way. It’s still there, but just barely. Two days a month, the coins don’t drop in loot anymore, the dragons are broken, the odds are still as low as they were when Atlantis first released; it’s almost easier to get an event hero at this point than it is to get a S2 hero.


costly for player and annoying ?

Is this game anywhere remote from costly and annoying ?

It is costly for players who want more than the adventure of simply playing this game via F2P., and annoying if you don’t get the desired hero and troops despite spending a sum, especially when the opening boards are not that great.

I guess people are just conditioned in real life that if you spend, you ought to get what you spend for, ignoring the fact that they already did, only that it is not the one being desired (hello Dawa; hello Friar Tuck; hello Renfeld). To avoid frustrations, don’t spend money. Just salivate at your alliancemates’ prized heroes.

Very much accurate, and yes it is possible to play this game even at higher levels as a full FTP… but I still don’t like the idea of so many heroes being locked behind a massive paywall. Not just a paywall - but also double guarded by an RNG combination lock to boot.

I realize now that this is just how modern microtransaction games generally operate, but it still goes against nearly everything I believe games should be about.

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No need any other costumes.
But SG should think about, the elemental link for first generation HOTM. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know I’m in the same boat as you. Having only Poseidon and Mok-Arr (very useful). I also miss Wilbur and Proteus as well.

I agree that we have to find a way to have access to them but the OP was about balancing the old heroes with the incoming ones. And that could be easily done with an update instead of new costumes that are going to be pulled to be played


Well, one possible upside to putting S2 heroes in costume chamber would be that we would have an extra chance to get S2 heroes… so that could be cool.

Though if S2 costumes end up making those heroes even better than costumed S1 heroes, that could defeat what I think was the entire purpose of making S1 costumes in the first place…

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Of course it will make s1 costumes obsolete again
Its already hard enough to get a past hotm or a s2/s3 hero in particular and when you finally get it you just get you need to get his costume too or you will just have an underpowered 5*

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