More freedom in building choices


Hey everyone,

I’d like to propose more freedom in changing the buildings. I know the game holds your hand through the process so that you can’t mess up your storage space etc (which is good, for new players, I also liked this in the past) - but once you’ve reached SH20 I think they should allow you to convert buildings.

I currently have 4 training centers, but would love to have more. I also had 4 forges (1 swapped to barracks), but could easily do with 1. If it was up to me I would at least be swapping out an additional farm, food storage and forge for 3 more camps :smiley:

Maybe make it so that when you’ve reached sh20, you can ‘unlock’ this freedom? By then you should know how everything works and what you need for your style of play. I’d be happy with a convertion possibility in buildings then that would allow me to swap my lvl 18 farm to a lvl 1 training camp.

What do y’all think? :slight_smile:

(if a similar topic is already on the forum, I couldn’t find it - happily take this the the original thread if there is one)


I like it! Maybe add that the building the must be lvl20 to convert? Just to further make it an end game option?


The problem with that is that you could have several training buildings producing 4 & 5 star heroes. Oh no, we can’t have that. Otherwise everyone with a sh of 20 (including me) would have all-5 star teams.


Considering a 5* from TC20 is only about 4-6% chance, even with 10xTC20 it would still take a few weeks haha!

Not to mention the real hurdle, ascending them all :slight_smile: