More Free Hero Slots

With the rollout of alliance wars and the need for 30 heroes minimum to fully participate, we need 10 free additional hero spaces. You only start out with 30 slots and this made sense when it was put in place but no longer. It’s fair because the game has changed and those extra slots are now essential as opposed to being a luxury to spend gems on. With how it is now, it’s nearly impossible to have 30 heroes and be able to level them adequately (specials), even at a high level (30+). Another idea is to add two additional slot increases as a level up reward before level 25 and give it automatically to those who’ve already passed that mark.

Edit: Additionally, to perform well, the heroes will need to be 4*+. So on top of needing 30 4*+ heroes, I need a team of 3* heroes with a bench for the events. There are simply too many needs in this game for hero slots and the current amount given does not reflect the changes to the game.


You can buy extra hero slots with gems. It’s very cheap (relative to, for example, summoning heroes) and so a great way to spend them. You are also granted addition hero slots as you level up.

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You misunderstand me. I’m saying that the new aspects of the game require more slots, therefore more slots should be given for free. The old way of dolling out more slots is well… Outdated. Based on the aspects of a much older version of the game.


Hmm. That seems a little entitled.

I imagine that few people previously took up the option of spending gems to get more hero slots. Alliance Wars have provided an incentive for them to do so.

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There are enough ways to get free gems in the game and extra hero slots do not cost that much in gems at first. That pretty much makes them free slots, but the choice is yours as to what you spend the free gems on.

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@Brobb You have a habit of only seeing what you want to read and seemingly being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

My suggestion has nothing to do with being entitled because I haven’t demanded something I haven’t earned. I have merely made the case that the game has changed (many more heroes are required) and therefore another aspect needs to be looked at and changed (the starting number of hero slots). I’m well aware that more slots can be purchased with gems. That is 100% irrelevant. Buying extra slots should be a luxury for those who to have them and not a defacto requirement to play the game.

You’re asking for something that is already available at no more than a nominal cost. And you are suggesting - pretty explicitly - that you are entitled to it because “the game has changed”.

Yes, the game has changed. Yes, more hero slots are now needed. But no, that doesn’t mean you have a right to them, particularly when they are already available to you at an initial cost of only 50 gems for 5 slots: the best bargain in the game.

Buying extra slots is not “a luxury”, it is one of the best (arguably the best) possible uses of gems.

I have purchase extra slots, so I can store 100 heroes now. I would have preferred to spend the gems on something else, so I can appreciate the request for more slots for free. I don’t think 50 gems for a permanent increase in slots is too bad though.

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I personally have a little problem with them marking too much money in way too many ways give the poor man a little slack youll still make money there is desperate folks but im not pne pf them please give folks like me a little slack

I think it’s rude that they INCREASE the price of hero slots as you buy more. For example the first 15 or 20 or so cost 100 gems. But if you want to increase it more, the cost goes up to 150 gems and 200, etc. It’s rude and unnecessary. Seriously why penalize players for wanting to play the game more and add more hero slots? It makes the game feel cheap and makes the developer out to be cash whores.

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