More food raided than I make

Just thought this interesting. I have watchtower 18 generating 12090 food per hour.
I like to cup drop. I was getting too high, so put in a crap defense, cleaned out my tower and logged off for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes I was attacked 9 times and lost 24295 food. Iron was a similar story, but I don’t care about iron so didn’t bother to write down the numbers.

Here’s how much food I lost each attack and the time difference in minutes from the attack before it.
2894 1
2880 -1
1417 4
766 0
3461 6
2041 0
1922 1

What they take I think is 50% of what you have at the time.

i guess my point is if I had 0 food when I closed the game, I make ~12000/hr, that’s ~3000 in 15 minutes. And during that 15 minutes, somehow they raided me for ~24k. I only wish I made 96k food an hour :). All farms are L20, tower is on the way to 19, and I never have close to enough food. Thus cup dropping + raids = my additional food income.

I have to admit I am often puzzled by what a revenge raider wins.

Never cared enough to put it down in writing. Partly, that is because I am often revenged while I am over here in forum as I jump back and forth to/from game.

When I find I was raided the loot is often less than is in my tower upon return…but I was just here long enough to write a one off.