More features to alliance war ( alliance tournament, and strategic placements)

Alliance war was is fun but there’s not much reward to participate in a war. Attacking titan, slaying monster or raid gives you better loots than alliance war.

I think we should have a tournament for alliance war that takes place over a month and the reward can be a guaranty ascension item Or epic hero tokens.

Also the during the setup defense stage we can add more strategy to the war by implementing different types of revenge gauges. For an example the first line of defense are for stronger players so the revenge gauge is boost attack or defense for 4 turns or clear status ailments. The second line can be boost mana regen for players small amount over three turns and clear all buffs from opponents. And on the last line is for weaker players and it can be arrows and a chance to revive a hero.

For attack team each player can select one of three boosts before going to war.

  1. Spirit links damage for all heroes for three turns

  2. Blind opponents for 3 turns

  3. Start the war with 50 percent mana for all heroes.

I have an important question:
Why the loot of a player which got 10 points in a war is always better than I who always am best player of the ally and most times the best player of the war!!! Isn’t this absurd? and this is not a one time thing, almost always i get less than our worst player of the ally!!!

Because, apparently in order to encourage teamwork over personal glory, everyone in an alliance gets the exact same random rolls for loot as rewards for fighting. Score makes no difference.

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