More Epic Offers make available for players

This is my first attempt creating a post, am sorry if my English or layout is bad.

As stated title of my topic, am actually putting a request to SG and hoping that they will consider putting up more Epic Offers for players to buy Gem with freebies
(Propose: Mainly 3* Ascend items and Hero/Troop token)

I really dun understand why there are so little epic offers available for players to buy. Other games which I played such as Dynasty *** or Three Kingdom ***. Their top up “patterns” and promotions are endless, really endless. Almost everyday of top up for their gem/crystal will come with freebies.

  1. I seriously dun think that this is a bad idea.
    A) Top P2P players will still carry on top up. Cos how many players really have 6 teams of fully develop 5* heroes?
    Since they are already pumping that amount of cash, do you think they will stop?
    B) There are MANY MANY players in the game waiting for irresistable epic offers to top up , hoping for ascension items or finally can do a 10x pull during events.

This group of players are players who feel that the regular top up are expensive and not value for money.
Paying $5 for a pull - somehow sound like a joke to me
Paying $10 for 3 pull which most probably (more than 80% of the players will be getting nothing)
Or Paying $10 for 2 pull at ascension items with no guarantee also seems so lost.
Well, paying $35 for a 10x pull. (2800 Gem)
I believe 90% of the players will definitely say that this is a bit costly. (Just my own assumption)

So they just want something more to sweeten the deal before they top up. That’s all.

I believe SG is missing out a lot of deals and revenue from this group of players.

Lastly, if you are not attracting players to top up. All the featured deal in the shops is equal to useless! Cos majority of players are too poor with gem.

This post is not to say comment about pricing of the in game items, but hope that SG can do something for those mid tier P2P players and at the same time make more money :slight_smile:

Side track a bit.
I somehow came across a message saying that about 1million log into this game daily and now most probably more.

This game had been around for years and my question is how many players have 2 teams of 5* FULLY ascend.
If we do our mathematic upon 1million players, what is your guess?

Apologize first and am sorry if my guess is very very far off.
But I see countless post about missing gloves or 1 4* items for 2months etc,
So 2teams of 5* fully ascend out of a million player is like 3-5% ? 50,000 players?

This side track topic is just my personal opinion that the game progress is relatively slow? Haha… no offense to SG!

I started this game less than 2 months, the concept attracted me and will seriously to be looking forward for other interesting features being suggested by others such as
4 players farming map etc

Sorry for my long post and hope this never bored anyone from reading.



Pay for the illusion of winning