More Energy Adjusted by Level limits


[World Energy ][ Level x 1.5] so Lvl 40 x1.5 will have 60 world energy but starting energy stays at 22 until they level to lvl 15

[Raid Energy ][ 6 energy to start but after level 30 every 15 lvl after gets 1 more additional energy limit

[Alliance Energy ][ 3 energy to start but after level 30 every 15 lvl after gets 1 more additional energy limit

Not perfect but the Developers will figure something out and adjust the energies so we can be happy with any increase to the energies. Mostly everyone would be happy with just more world energy to farm more items because item are very low in drop-rates.


At you suggesting that higher level players should have more raid energy and more alliance energy than lower level players?


yes and computer acting stupid editing the post now give me some time to fix. stupid computer posted it when is was typing IDK


We do get more world energy as we level up, just not every level. There’s a long lull in the 20’s somewhere where 5-6 level ups don’t increase your world energy but once you get into the early 30’s maybe it’s every other level up (on the evens) that gets more world energy, I think.

I don’t know that you could ramp the raid or titan energy without really creating a disadvantage for new folks - it’s hard enough to consistently win raids and do meaningful damage to titans as is at the lower levels.


yes i know and just now fixed the post. but yes more energy is awesome too.


I see that now - a lot of people think world energy increases dry up in the 20’s due to that lull - thought maybe you were in that long lull possibly.

But yeah, any further increases would be great :slight_smile:


no i’m fine i’m level 40 but would be definitely nice to have more energy to work/farm with.
same goes for the new or low player/ f2p players. the increase would make them happy.


Completely in favor of more farming flags!

About raid flags, I just wish everyone got 8 at a time, to match with the 40 hero chest requirement.

I’m thinking that if more alliance flags we’re given, Titans would also have to be changed to reflect players getting increased attacks. Seems like it would end up being zero sum gain.


That’s how I see it too. I believe they like how Titans are right now and would just have to adjust Titan difficulty to compensate. (I keep hearing about “Super Titans” though?)

More alliance flags would give more to do but maybe that’s not what the majority of mobile-game players want.

8 raid flags I’m all for.


Super titans Super titans lol hope they dont happen. now older player/top players with high levels should get more but not ALOT energies for more chances to hit the titan. thus the +1 for every +15 levels they get after passin level 30. it show they are a long and older player.