More Emblems, less of everything else

A lot of people asked for more emblems and got their wish, no doubt the top end players are loving this, to emblem all their masses of 5* heroes. But as always there is a catch, less of everything else, Mystic Vision 1 gem’ 1 small mana pots or multiple variations of very few items, yes occasionally you get a good MV. They are far and few inbetween from what they used to be. War chest, haha all that commitment and slogging for a daily summon and 1 costume key (which BTW far less than it was before the emblem boost update) You get better rewards from a rare Titan than what you get from your war chest, Joke? Surely.
Costume keys- prior to update I got 15-25 keys throughout the month, these days I struggle to get 5 in a whole month (exl the actual event).
I do not want to complain since emblems are nice and am happy with them. The reality though the C2P and F2P players rely on those tokens etc that gives us just one more chance for something great.
And still there is more, your lucky day? You got your 5* leveled and now you want that hero on your defense team, but wait you need to de-emblem 3 4* heroes, oops you will have to wait a lifetime for your reset emblem (unless you are willing to pay handsomely for a gem reset and lose 5% of your emblems)
The big question:
Is the trade off for increased emblems worth more than losing on everything else?


Several players track their loot in great detail and I haven’t seen reports of this.

Without good data, this is conjecture and certainly not my experience.

@Guvnor @ThePirateKing are you guys tracking loot or aware of who does?


Thank you for your response. I do not want to stir up conjecture.
I will hope for some Loot data tracking from players, as it will be pointless to track now as i have nothing concrete to measure it against.
I will accept that i am on a bad run of loot until proven correct :crazy_face:.

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I’m also curious about this. I track silly things for silly topics. Which is time consuming, but I enjoy it. Wish I was a loot tracker…but my memory doesn’t need meds just yet either.

I posted something previously:

[Elemental Chests have been Diluted]
And it was quickly swallowed up into a separate thread.
But I was pointing specifically at Dilution…!
My alliance family has noticed that we get keys and event coins in elemental chests, in the last 2 slots. While the "good stuff" has tapered.

@JonahTheBard, I think it maybe a bit soon for proper analysis which would require a time period before the emblem flood, compared to an EQUAL time period after the emblem flood.

But too add to the OP: I believe that the “RnG” bell curve has flattened with the additional loot.

You may still have a 2% chance or whatever at a 4* mat. But have the slots for that 2% been diluted by the addition keys, event coins, and emblems? Which would actually lower it…putting you in a flatter bell curve.

For this topic, it maybe too soon to properly tell. For elemental chests, however, compare this year to the year before.

[Elemental Chest Frequency - days tracking and results > estimated between 4 to 16 days]


I stopped tracking my loot for 4 months. Now that I came back to tracking my loot, I can see that nothing changed.

I have days with 2 or 3 mats from titan (2 today, 2 yestersay) and I have weeks with not a single mat from A / A+ scores on 10* / 11* titans.

I think you’re having a bad period.

This is why I never miss completing all the 3 stages of the events, never miss a rare quest, etc. Those are sources with guaranteed loot.


In Elemental Chest, AM slot and key/coins/emblems slot are separate slot.

AM slot still 2 slot as usual.

Remember, the slot in Elemental Chest is fixed, unlike MV or Monster/Raid Chest.

If anything, 2 of my last 3 elemental chest gives me 4* AM.

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I stop tracking for months my loot but I’m keeping in a folder all the screen capture I made during 3 years and an half. I take a look to it before answering. I don’t think loot are really worst than before. On 2019 I got monthly at least 4 4* mat, this year I have been at 4 up to april, 3 or 4 up to september. October is the single month I receive only one. I already got 2 this month.
In the past I have been getting up to 2 or 3 ascensions 4* mat items on a single titan. In 2020 it never happens. But I don’t think a single account is enough to get any conclusion.

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Thanks, @yelnats_24

I’ve gotten one all year. And have opened more than you. Many in our alliance family are also suffering.

I thought I remember some 4* mats coming at the end (last slot) but maybe I am confusing a different chest. Could time for meds after all…

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Thank you to all who do track these different things. It really helps! :+1:

How many have you opened?

If we are talking about this year, then I have opened 39 elemental chests in 2020. That is 78 AM roll. I got 7× 4* AM on them. 7/78 = 8.97%

Now if we talk specifically about after Emblem increase, I have got 5 elemental chests since then which is equal to 10 AM roll, I got 2× 4* AM among them. 2/10 = 20% but this sample size is too small.

I was having a key in almost all chests. So I’ve done 20 summons on the last Costume Event before this emblem race…

Since the emblem race, I saw 2 keys out of the event.

But if you ask me if I prefer those keys or these emblems… Emblems will be!

From my 2020 Elemental Chests:

Before emblem increase:
Average Gems: 32.58
Average Keys: 1.09

After emblem increase:
Average Gems: 40
Average Keys: 1.4

Lucky me…

I skip raids button daily. Until it won’t let me anymore. Except when I was on vacation and during a big job. The resources from raids and the chest are superior to monster chests.

But yeah I think I was wrong. I don’t get an elemental chest every week like you do.

Maybe 30 chests max. And definitely only 1 4* mat. A tonic about 2 months ago. I started recording opening them back in May from the annoyance of it.

Between me and my mates we have many videos of junk…

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Has anyone gotten the keys from Mystic Vision and normal wanted missions (excluding elemental chests)?

I received a lot of keys from MV prior to emblem buff, nothing since.

Thank you,
I think this is more what i want the discussion to be.
Is emblems preferred over any other combined loot (exluding 4* mats, they have always been rare)

And your combined keys per month from all sources excluding the costume event stages?

I try to look at the holistic approach from all RNG resources you could get not limited to 1 source of loot.

I still got it sometimes.

I can grab my data tomorrow but I haven’t seen any drop off on in any of the data I track :slight_smile:


Yes, but the only time I got a fairly large number was August/September, because I had far more keys in September than normal.

I’ve gotten some since then too, but they’re far from common.

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