More Data For Leaders & Co-Leaders

This idea is strictly for titan management, but I think there should be more data available to leaders & co-leaders overall to help with decision making. For titan management, I think alliance leadership should be able to view how many flags are currently available (like with war) to assist in making the determination on calling off an attack or not. I personally would like the ability to block further attacks via a button, but I can understand why some would not like this. There is a nice blank area on the titan screen that could be used for this purpose.

I really like your idea for more data.
Maybe an option for custom massage from the leader would be also nice.

I wouldn’t like too much info though, for example the avarage damage of the members as it is one of the things that makes a working hard alliance more efficient!

I don’t know about “block-attacks button” as it could even be misused by leaders. Furthermore I think it would make good communication between members less necessary… :confused:


That would be great! :star_struck::hugs:


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