More chests

People are complaining about hard to get ascension materials. I think a fair way to fix that would be to add more chest. Such as an elemental chest for heros and an elemental chest for titans and then a separate chest for total number of chests completed. And instead of doing random loot on the elemental chests, maybe tier it somehow.
Elemental Monster chest: resources, 1 4* ascension item related to element of chest 1 epic troop token, 1 basic summon token

Elemental Hero Chest: resources, 2 4* ascension items related to element of chest, 1 epic hero token, 1 basic summon token

Elemental Titan Chest: resources, 1 5* ascension item related to element of chest, 1 epic token, 1 troop token, 1 basic token

Chest for Total chests(Vault? Maybe idk what to call it): all the above but random elements for ascension items

Double amount needed to fill the elemental hero and elemental titan chests: 80 heros per chest. 10 titans per chest.

Elemental chest pop up once, maybe twice a month?

Total chest vault could be 50 chests? Just thoughts and examples of ideas. The tokens i doubt would happen since it could decrease revenue, i personally don’t care about epic tokens since they just give me the same troops/heros i already have but still get excited when i get one and get to do a summon with a chance to get somethin i could use. Anyways feedback is appreciated. Have been wondering why only monsters get elemental chests for a few months now.


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