More chance's for real player's

Hello guy’s, l’m writing this topic with the chance’s that someone from moderators will see it and have a point of view, hope positive one.

I’m playing this game for almost 1 year and is a very nice game, fun, nice graphics and so on.
I’m getting from bed at 5 a.m. to play this game until l go to work, l play all my free time this game and l like it very much. I’m addicted to this game :grin:
Congratulations for this ideea, keep developing this game and you will be the best on the market.

I have a big big issue; l understand that for you is a business and l’m ok with that ( good for you), but please give more chance’s for those who acsualy play the game and not for those who are paying for it.

I give you an example to understand my issue, l have l hero that l can’t ascend him because l don’t have the ascending materials to do it and l am struggling to do it for more the 6 months.
I do all the quests ( that l can do it of course), l do all the challenging quests, l do Titan’s, l do battle’s, l do wars but is NOT enough to receive ascending materials, or maybe l’m NOT so lucky to received.

I don’t want to believe this is only a " paiyng game" at one point.

I really really like this game but please, put or give more chance’s to rare ascending materials in chests, challenging event’s or titan battle’s or in quest’s.

Thank you for your feedback!

Rate quests normally allow the ascension of 1 by 5* a year as stated many times on this forum.
The rest is all pure luck and seems to come in waves of good fortune

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