More challenging challenges for higher level ascension material farming

Along with the expectancy to see level 3 quests at some point, anyone who has been playing long enough to have one maxed 5 star team, talent grid and all, should agree that the overall experience of high level players will plateau when it feels like what used to be a rewarding farming strategy suddenly feels like reaching a barren wasteland with no relief in any direction. After being failed by gimmicks such as the hero academy and alchemy lab (don’t get me wrong, anyone can find at least one option from each useful…out of 10 takes forever to grow levels lol) it seems someone should see that the most fundamental mechanic of the game, leveling heros, has been neglected rather than fulfilled like inflation swallowing the backbone of modern society. Anyone else feel this?

I’ve been thinking it would be great to be able to pick a difficulty level for each quest. Each one can only be done once through, at whatever difficulty is chosen. For example, for the gather food quest, first you’d say “I choose difficulty hard” and then you’d have 3 difficult levels to fight that would give you more food than if you had chosen normal or easy. Probably would cost more flags, too. Once you start the quest on hard, you can’t choose easy or normal.

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I’d call that an easy and quicker partial fix while developing 3rd teir quests. Good idea, they already have events like that so it shouldn’t be much trouble to apply it to other challenges.