More boards!


Can you guys please add more boards. Beat the game and now there’s nothing else to do. Raids and titans is all now. Please add more.


and Events… don’t forget the events!


You mean more map? Season Two is coming! :wink:


heeeeee?? for real? that’ll be nice addition​:heart_eyes::smile:


I thought you meant start with a choice of 3 and you pick which you play and got all excited :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t that be nice? :grin:


Yes more of the map! I love this game but it sucked when I got to the end and I’m thinking some more boards were about to appear and nothing! Add some more levels and definitely more events so there is more to do. And if there is a season 2 comming does that mean I loose all my hero’s and I have to start all over again cause that would suck I spent alot of money on this game so far. But until they add more I’m not spending anything else


Season 2 will come after alliance wars


Why would you lose your progress? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: