More Black Male Heroes

Sad to see so many people flippantly disregarding a legitimate request with earnest intentions. Of course this game needs better representation for all, and the fact that devs admitted it a year ago and still haven’t introduced a single black hero in that time is rather disgraceful.

Make it a whole character family. Make up the deficit.

And Happy Juneteenth, the day we celebrate the end of slavery in America. If you can’t support this request on a day like today then maybe just keep your comments to yourself for 24 hours.


Yes, that’s exactly what it means.

I ask instead… why not?

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The best solution is to have non-human creatures.

Personally, I have no problem in SG creating heroes from any “group” of humans. There would be thousands to please everyone. So which should be created first, in what order, who do you leave out etc etc etc
As I get older the world troubles me greatly. And I start to worry about what it’s going to be like for my grandchildren as they grow up.
I am a firm believer in true diversity in everything. And everyone being equal.
But for me the majority of people are moving more towards me, me, me
But personally, for my children and their children, my hope is that people change to The whole of “humanity” matters …
Now before anyone says this post is wrong, and that I am this that and the other, I fit into three categories that currently put me in a pigeon hole or give me a badge by those that think me different. I will leave you to guess which three … But at least one leaves the group persecuted even today.
So in answer to your question at grass roots level - and it’s for me personally - why? This game is an escape from reality for me - that’s all

I’m not taking a side, but let’s give them some credit as Miki and Kingston do come to mind.

Examining the males since their AMA:
Anzogh - green orc (?)
Ranvir - Indian (?) centaur
Miki - black eskimo (?)
Kingston - black carribean(?)
Grimble - white (?) Dwarf and goat
Jean-Francois - French (?) white
Malosi - Pacific Islander
Raffaele - Argentinian (?) or Spanish (?) Warlock (?)

Looks pretty diverse.


Ok, valid point. Credit.


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