More Black Male Heroes

I would like to see more Black Male Heroes. Every nationality is represented but black males. Those heroes that are darker skin tone look Samoan or Arab. Need some African Brothers on here.


Joon, Shaarkot, Azar, Kelile and Bane are dark brown … But this game has creatures like a lizard, mermaid, pandas, trolls and drarfs to name a few types u want more “brothers?”



Don’t forgot about Delila, she is dark brown to

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Is she a drag queen, since the opener asked for males? :wink:


I saw Kelile and Azar higher so I add Delila without thinking.
This is ineresting question about Delila, this can be possible :thinking:


The topic of adding African Descent male (and, for that matter, female) heroes has been suggested and discussed at length before.

Please see these threads:

SGG also addressed diversity of heroes a bit during the recent AMA:


Representation matters. I think this is a valid.



You make a valid point in life. However this is a game with Male, female, animal, fish, reptile heroes etc. Etc. Etc. If we are going to be diverse does that mean we want a hero that can wear any badge be that disabled, able bodied, young, old, large, small, straight, gay, transgender, of any colour black, white, yellow, red, brown of any religion etc. I just have to ask myself … why


Joon is my Korean brother.

Also many factors go into heroes design… Some like the Sakura family theme from Asian folklore.

There are the Fables, Wonderland… But agree having more diversity is never bad.

Also be good to learn about some African myths and folklore possibly if introduced.

BTW I wish I had Delilah.


Diversity: This is a fantasy based game. We have heroes with no legs (Thoth-Amun). We have Rabbit heroes. We have heroes with fish heads. We have a character with a freakin’ LANTERN for a head. I don’t think adding more black male heroes is all that much to ask for. I don’t see it as a huge stretch.

The devs and designers of this game can do anything they want to do. They’ve brought us really amazing characters based on Nipponese (Japanese) culture and folk lore. (:heart:)

Hopefully in future we’ll get to have more cultures and heroes based on people from all over the world.


I’m not a black man, but concepts are always on my mind.

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As a Paul Staments fan, I’d also like to see a little more fungi diversity.

We need some more Blade in this mofo!

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My alliance started out as a fairly random collection of people, and that being said, there are more than a few people of color on my team. I honestly think it’s a mistake to reduce representation of a big portion of the player base.

And those of you who have suggested that two heroes or maybe a lizard covers it, that’s pretty insulting, even if you didn’t mean it to be.


I agree, this is really important. And turning a character who looks white brown doesn’t count.


I don’t see heroes representing Islanders… I missed something?

I would think Vela does, does she not?

Check season 2 and also malosi…


This just seems like an obvious win for everybody. There are so many opportunities for adding heroes: seasonal, hotm, new event heroes, etc. I think adding 2-3 or more in 2020 is not unreasonable at all. Let’s not pretend SG puts a lot of effort into the art assets for their heroes- just replace the existing pipeline of art assets with ones that meet this request.

Frankly, the game needs more tanks in every color, a brand new African mythology inspired challenge event full of Black heroes (Male and Female) would be awesome. All the better if we get some new tanks for each color too.

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Eh it’s the least of my concerns with the game personally

Already spent more time discussing it than i ever should have

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