More balance heroes

Hello, first of all, apologize for my English. I would like to suggest that the game would be more interesting and balanced if heroes revision patches were applied monthly, or more frequently than at present. The metagame would change more frequently, there would be more variety of heroes, since it becomes repetitive to play against the same heroes in the raids. Heroes like Wukong, Ares, Alberich or Hel needs nerfs and heroes like Sargasso, Thorne or Guardian Kong for example, needs buffs, and so there would be monthly revisions, so that heroes enter and exit in the metagame.
A greeting.


The problem with this idea is that many players spend a lot of money to get the best heroes, and then invest ascension materials and feeders to level them quickly. Re-balancing the heroes every month would infuriate these players and disrupt everyone’s ability to decide which heroes to level and which to leave untouched or even throw away. I’ve thrown away duplicates of many low quality 4*s, and would be bitter if they suddenly became one of the better heroes.

I agree with your principal that the metagame should evolve, but I think the HotMs and event heroes fulfill that purpose and have fewer negative side effects than your idea.


I’ll agree if it’s buffs only… :wink:

Thank you for your post… your English is very good for being a secondary language! :slight_smile: no worries there.

I do have some concerns with your proposed idea, It’s a bit wordy, though:

more interesting is going to be subjective… open to the opinion of all players. I’m certain that nerfing some heroes into relative irrelevance or buffing other heroes would be negatively received. And, in my opinion, rightly. People spend a lot of their time trying to obtain and level heroes. “Pulling the rug out” would be cruel, and I think ultimately a poor business decision as well as not fun for those players. It may be “interesting” but I don’t believe in a positive way.

As for balanced, over time if SMALL adjustments are made then you can creep towards a point where all heroes have relatively the same power and utility.

However, I have to ask you: is this really what you want? If all 5* heroes are about equal in effectiveness, then why bother grinding or playing once you get a 5*?

The way I see it… grinding towards that optimal team is part of the game.

Trying to roll out monthly (frequent) updates is in direct conflict with the time commitment required to obtain the AM and heroes that you would identify as “the best.”


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