More ascension advice C Lepus vs Esme

I have 5 scopes and want to make use of them wisely. When my sixth comes, one of these two are getting the call-up. Who is the most useful overall?

Blue hitters
Alasie C

Blue healers
Ariel C
Kiril both C and lb

Thanks for any advice. I wish I knew about this board way back when I made some poor ascension choices. I’m talking about you Elradir!

You have a good amount of healers. Go for the power and lepus has that and then some!

  • C. Lepus
  • Esme

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I build a poll for you.
I would go Lepus, he is great and you have healers for two or three blue stacks, but not enough damage dealers.

Happy voting

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Wow thanks. I didn’t realize people liked Lepus this much!