More And more dissapointing

I’ve been playing this game for one year And ler me telll You What i’got. 11 5* heroes but only 3 full ascend And not only one yellow one. I only Have 5 4* yellow heroes. How can this Be? The ascend material are a rarity , not even at the collored chest. My point of View dear players…If You are not willing to put real money înto the game you’ll better quit wright nou, how i’m about to do. Sorry for all the time i’ve put in this game but If you’re card dont alowd You to put real money don’t botter play… All the Best!


Wow, it seems like you are in pretty good shape really.


Why? I’ve been playing this game non stop And nothing…i’ve didn’t see a gold coin not even at the collored chest …

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And when IT comes one 3*hero…

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You did say you had three fully ascended 5* heroes or did i misunderstand?

3 5* in a year is absolutely terrible


Yes 3 5*…And i’m level 43

Ok. Doesn’t seem bad to me but what do i know. I wouldn’t mind having a mini with those stats.

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Ia verry bad from my point of View …

Well, you played a game for free and got pretty far. It must have been at some level of fun and be entertaining. Hard to imagine being disappointed at that amount of free entertainment.

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Not everybody has money to play with, but even so i didn’t know that the purpuse of this game îs to put money înto IT. The difference between the players that put money înto it And the one that don’t are very big. As You Tell me that îs very good where i am for free?:smile: You make me laught

I’ve been playing this game 100% for free for 1 year and still enjoy it.
Got four 5* fully leveled: marjana, victor, lianna and joon.

There another 5* but i ignore it such as obakan, domitia, horghall.

Right now i’m waiting for 5* blue which is 0 luck for me. I got the mats ready to fully ascend 5* blue once the time comes.

Don’t forget to read my thread where u can beat fully 5* team with only using 4* team here:


I am level 39 and have 0 fully ascended 5*. I have the materials to do 4.

I feel that I have made steady progress and have enjoyed my time with the game. Also F2P for your reference.

It is all a matter of perspective.


I have been playing for just shy of a year and have exactly 1 (one) leveled 5*. And 4 leveled 4*. I enjoy the game and have no illusions of top 100 or getting all the HOTM or killing a 10* titan. It is a diversion for me, yes one that seems to be taking up more and more time but still … a diversion from the stress of RL.

If I ever reached a point where I was discouraged and not enjoying the game anymore I’d just find another diversion.


Exactly my thoughts nevarmoar.

dump it here The Ridiculous Complaints thread :smile:

I’m F2P and I’m playing one year like you, I have 5 5* on last ascend (3 are slow), I have 3 yellow 4*, I have mats for purple and blue 5* but rest of my 5* are red and yellow. Your progress is good for F2P, this game need time, but hey, you complain but you playing one year, and you still doing this :wink:

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