More an issue than a bug, need to contact a member

I’m the leader of Gramps’ Gladiators. The majority of members in this alliance like the new Alliance Wars, but we have a few who do not. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that they each have a team out on the battlefield. Two of the teams were only 4 weak heroes. When the war starts, the enemy immediately takes these teams out, and again as soon as they re-spawn. The alliance members do not attack the enemy, so they lose points and don’t gain any. One of our first wars was lost by a total of 15 points because of this. 15 points!

These members are not hurting our chances of winning on purpose. About 3/4 of my alliance use chat all the time, but there are a few who do not, and the three that I was having problems with were some of those few. I finally got one member’s attention, she had no interest in the war, and had no idea she had been hurting the team. She also didn’t know how to take her heroes off the battlefield, which she did as soon as I told her how.

The second one had the worst team out there. I tried to get his attention for weeks, to no avail. Finally I set our alliance to Invite Only, and booted him. I figured when he came back in, someone could finally explain why he had been booted, and tell him how to take his team off the battlefield. Unfortunately, it’s been 3 days, and he hasn’t come back. That was not my intention, and now we’ve lost a good member.

That leaves us with one member still out there that is hurting our alliance. He has a pretty strong team out there, but he doesn’t participate, so he loses points and never gets any back. He doesn’t read the chat, so I have no way of getting in touch with him. I am not going to boot any more members, we have a very tight team, it’s just that all some members want to do (or have time to do) is to log in, fight the Titan, collect their stuff, and work on advancing their heroes. What can I do? There must be some way of getting in touch with my own Alliance members! When we lose a war by 15 points, and there’s one member who isn’t attacking, the rest of the Alliance is going to feel some resentment, and I can’t blame them. It’s making something that most of us really enjoy into a lot of frustration.

Is it possible to contact a moderator, or someone who works for the company that puts out the game, and ask them to send a member a message? One simple message would solve so many problems!

Silly question, but are you sure they speak English?

Have you tried writing to them in the alliance description?

Lastly, if the one left has a strong team he’s not hurting the alliance. If he were to remove his team from battlefield then the other teams would be worth more points.

Everyone who doesn’t attack on AW but gets attacked hurts the alliance because the final input is negative.
However imo we shouldn’t be obligated to participate. Some just don’t like it. Doesn’t seem to be the op case, the guy just seems to be inactive.
I wonder if he is active for other matters like titans because if the guy has a strong team and ends up getting 40k total from titan I don’t see a reason to keep him. It’s hard to recruit but there are interested and active guys looking for a good spot

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If a player has a strong team (and is drawing multiple fire and not dying right away), that IS helpful in war. Just sayin’.

Alas, moderators have no way of contacting players in game, only those who are here in the Forum.

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Finally got his attention, he got the message. We don’t require anyone to participate if they don’t want, but someone who takes hits but doesn’t attack can be a drag on the team. Imagine if a quarter of your alliance didn’t attack, you’d never have enough points to win.

Glad you’ve solved the issue, but you don’t seem to understand what I wrote in the last paragraph.

If a quarter of your alliance put defense, but don’t attack let’s your alliance gets N points. If you convince that quarter of the alliance to remove their defense, then:

  1. you still get N points (because the opponents are worth the same number of points), and
  2. each team in the three quarters left that participate in the war will be worth 33% more points (33% +/- a little).

That’s because 2000 points are divided to all members of the alliance that set defense teams.


As I figure it, while the maximum advantage is if the people with defense teams make attacks, just having their team there is still better for the war than removing it.
Because an alliance is worth about 1000 points total, with slight rounding variances, spread across each defending team, having an extra team means that the other alliance needs to spend more war energy to make the same number of points. That’s still an advantage for the defender, even the player in question doesn’t actually attack.

its frankly a major PITA that there is no way to communicate with allies apart from the group chat. i’ve tried for three AW to get someone with a 1200 defense team (most of us are 3500+) to set it to 1* … i post in color in chat to try to get attention, but nope, it’s ignored. i’ve tried setting a message in the alliance message. i’m going to have to kick the guy out to get his attention. he’s welcome to rejoin but i don’t know how else to get a message to him.

marlenus, I wouldn’t recommend booting them. I did that out of frustration to someone who had been in my alliance since just about the beginning, and they never came back. I felt terrible about it, that person probably has no idea what happened. He was happy to just log in every day, do his thing, hit the Titan, and log out, and I was fine with that, now he’s gone.

That’s why I haven’t done it. It’s so frustrating there’s no solution.

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