More alliance leadership roles / ranks MASTER

I would like to see another leadership role added more than Leader, Co-leader, and elder. We have players we would like to acknowledge for loyalty and such but wouldn’t do much more in the alliance. Now that we have War maybe you could change roles to a more military lineage. General, Major, Lieutenant, Sargent, and Private.

One of the games I played had 5 levels, from R1 to R5 (leader), and the alliance leader could rename the levels. So for example a pirate themed alliance could have levels from cabin boy to captain, while a roman legion themed could range from legionist to centurion, etc.

It’s a fun way to customize the alliance.


I like this idea best. I’d like to be able to customize titles for my players to better delineate their roles (Warmaster, Recruiter, Advisor, etc)


Roles and ranks could be different. A role typically could be assigned to one person within the alliance.

Beside the nice title, the roles also could give extra benefits - for example a shiny border of the avatar of the recuiter, increased farm production for the advisor, etc.

Some roles could be dependent on alliance performance - blacksmith with increased forge speed and reduced ingredients need after a war won, etc.

There are opportunities here to increase loyalty to a certain alliance.

There should most certainly be a Role Designation for the War leader. I don’t really care what you call it. General, Tactician, Warlord, Admiral, whatever. I think That role should hold a rank above Co-Leader, but below leader. I would seriously Love to have the ability to recognize the individuals that steer the ship during battle. We have two strong War Leaders in King of the North with one being the ultimate War leader that I’ve seen in the game. It would be really nice to see them get the recognition for the role they play.


I would like to see this brought to people’s attention again, and think it’s a great idea!

We have recruiters, a person that tracks statistics, people that strategize for war, and so on…so it would be nice to be able to customize titles according to roles in the group.

A lot of these tasks are time consuming and require effort above and beyond just belonging in a group, so I agree the little extra recognition would be a really nice touch.

And it is also a good way, especially for newer members, to see which member might be the best one for any questions or suggestions they may have about a specific thing.


It should be corporals (members) sergeants (elders) commanders (co-leaders) and major (leader) . Also instead of an alliance it should be classified as a brigade. What do you all think ?

That all sounds a bit too military for my liking.

I tend to think of our alliance more like a little orchestra, with a conductor, a strings section, woodwind, brass and percussion. Myself, I’m like the third violin. Or maybe the piccolo.


Have you tried the re-skin of Empires - Puzzle Combat?

It’s the GI Joe version :grin:

What about the following roles:

  1. Leader
  2. Co-Leader (For promotions/demotions)
  3. Ambassador (Recruiter)
  4. Training Specialist (For recruit questions)
  5. Elder (Promotion by merit/titan attacks/war participation)
  6. Member (Auto after 30 days)
  7. Recruit (1st 30-days in an Alliance)
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  1. Fitter
  2. Turner
  3. Cooper
  4. Quartermaster
  5. Dance master
  6. Tai chi master
  7. Master builder
  8. Master blaster
  9. Faster master blaster
  10. Waiter
  11. Traffic warden
  12. Bricklayer
  13. Hod carrier
  14. Proofreader
  15. Private investigator
  16. Publicist
  17. Paralegal
  18. Paramedic
  19. Pathologist
  20. Psychic
  21. Sailor
  22. Sandwich wrapper
  23. Funeral director

(Why do so many people like hierarchies so much? Someone pays the gems to found the alliance - they’re the leader, so that someone can manage membership. Why do we even need anything else?)


It’s more about engagement and team building dude… You can make it into a negative if you want.

You don’t need to assign hierarchical ranks to foster engagement and build team spirit. Have a fondue party. Take everyone paintballing. Introduce Naked Tuesdays.

Ranks are for squares.

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Already doing naked Tuesdays. Need another suggestion.


Free beer Fridays? They’d be a big hit in our alliance. :beer::beer::beers::beers:


I like it, especially if SG/Zynga pick up the tab.


Can confirm that I do pantless everyday so this is not an effective alliance event.


I would like this but I’ve hit the limit so many times today I don’t think I’m getting any more.


There is one position that is absolutely needed: USERPER TO THE THRONE.

This is a position that is automatically designated to the longest tenured and active member of the alliance once the Designated leader becomes inactive for a certain period of time (Default 7 days, but it can be set by the leader.)

The Userper would then be able to supplant the inactive leader and take the helm of the Alliance.


I don’t love the idea - why doesn’t everyone in the alliance just quit and form a new one?

It’s worth recognising, though, that a lot of people really favour your suggestion, or something similar…

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