More Alliance features and buildings

I dont know if someone posted this idea before but i think the way the alliance is going right now is so boring and it need a lil boost,

We can have Alliance map that have few buildings the alliance leader can control / build / level it
for example School, Shop and Meeting Hall.

to build one of those it will cost you some of the alliance score or maybe a new alliance point system that come from each titan killed and his * level.

-Meeting Hall at level 1 give 1 extra slot for 1 extra player to join and at level 5 alliance will have 35 slots instead of 30 right now.

-Shop that sells some of the mats you need for crafting Ex. Leather Strap / bone at level 1 and small mana at level 2 ETC and the cost i will talk about at the end of this post.

  • School where you can train your heroes while you are offline, the heroes you put there you cant use for defense of offence till they are finished EX. you put the hero to gain 1 level it will cost you the cost in the end of the post and will be stuck in the school for 1 hour for example, in this way you can train the heroes that you got but you dont need right now for future use. the school can train 1* at lv1 and 5* at level 5.

** the cost to shop / train for each alliance member can be gained from your score you do on the titan plus how long you stay online for example. this way you will make all your alliance members 1st loyal and 2nd try to do their best dmg on the titan for their own benefit not only the alliance.

in the future you can also add 1 more building that can make your alliance get an ally that share with you the same chat room and help you in the wars vs other alliance.

this is a great idea

thanks, i hope the admins read it and apply some of those ideas