More advice needed (POLL)

Hey there,

Considering my current roster (below)

I am hesitating both which should be my next heroes to max for Dark, Nature and Fire, but also who to select from the Soul Exchange.

Since these are very intertwined, I will put two choices in each poll, in order to see votes both for the Soul Exchange option (for Nature and Fire) and for the one that I have in my roster. For Dark ascension there is only one option for maxing, as I already have both Ludwig and Alfrile.

  1. Who would complement best my current roster?
  • Cristobal - no emblems, I have Motega to complement (though not next in line for maxing), competition for maxing (Grace, Silvaria, C Francine), can go well with Fogg
  • Saoirse - no emblems, no emblems, competition for maxing like C Gefjon and Sekhmet
  • Costume Finley - I have emblems. But he would probably wait to get maxed after Sobek and Esme/ Ariel
  • Emilio - No emblems, Could be interesting to have a very fast red team and pair him with C Vanda and Alucard. I have Zuri for family bonus
  • Faline - No emblems, she would be a nice addition to my team as a strong hitter, but I miss the extra utility some others would bring me

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Options for a Nature hero:

  • Cristobal - No emblems
  • Grace - No emblems
  • Silvaria - I have emblems
  • Costume Francine - I have emblems
  • Jade - No emblems

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Options for Fire Hero

  • Costume Gefjon - I have emblems
  • Sekhmet - No Emblems
  • Saoirse - No emblems
  • Emilio - No emblems
  • Tahir - I have emblems
  • Zagrog - I have emblems
  • Lady Loki - no emblems
  • Puss in Boots - I have emblems

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Options for maxing a Dark hero:

  • Freya (no costume) - no emblems
  • Set - no emblems
  • Morax - no emblems
  • Viscaro - no emblems
  • Kageburado - I have emblems
  • Seshat - I have emblems

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