More Advanced Farms Needed

So many heroes with so many levels and ascensions along with their emblems plus the needed material-crafting (eg super mana potions) …
All in all coincide to a simple request: give players the ability to make more Advanced Farms !
(How about 6 instead of 3) Thanks in advance SG.

Makes sense. With how the game is progressing this should happen.


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Great idea. I’m constantly running out of ham because I’m trying to level/ascend heroes, train heroes , crafting items, ect.

If we can level up farms to the advanced level, all or almost all players will be excited, as there are many players who no longer have where to spend their iron as the buildings are already fully upgraded.

See Q&A from game designers

  • Why did you choose to let us upgrade 3 on 4 food storage to advanced, 3 on 5 iron storage, 1 on 4 house… and so on, and not upgrade all of them?
  • TIM: Who says we’ve reached the maximum Stronghold level yet? If and when we’ll increase that, we’ll increase the max of Advanced Storages.
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It’s going to be hugely annoying if it starts taking a month to upgrade stronghold levels. SH25 was almost thirteen days, and SH20-25 took over two months.


We hungry. We need more food to feed our heroes.

And those troops, they eat food like they’re going to an all you can eat buffet, and you’re the one paying the bill.


New buildings for what?
Novos edifícios para quê?
People spend .
Jogadores continuam a gastar rios de dinheiro.
SG wins.
SG continua a encher os bolsos.
Players how dont have money leave the game.
Jogadores que não fazem grandes gastos , não acompanham e acabam por abandonar o jogo .
Is it worth continuing to spend time on this game?
Vale a pena continuar a gastar tempo neste jogo?
Thanks for all the new friends I made in this game.
This game is like life, the rich grow up and the poor die.

I’m quite happy there not being any more required building to do. Means I can use my food and iron for crafting away and embleming without worrying bout another building needing levelled

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Congrats for you. You dont have trops to up?

You are beginning to understand our claim. Gz 4 that. Troop levelling also need a lot of food. Tons of it! So, more advanced farms are in need.

I’d prefer more regular farm slots. The only thing advanced about advanced farms is the cost and build time.

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Maybe you are never out of food!? I am sure you can find many reasons for that…
As for the buildings, you pay 1 time for creating an advanced farm then you have the extra food for lifetime! Mmaybe now u can see why for the rest of us, more food is needed.

All players have an excess of mine but a luck in food. Excess farms are needed for the progress in the game. Dont you want players to progress in the E&P ? (that will bring more money flow)
You can allow for some more Advamced Farms than 3! Come on!