Morax – 5* Dark / Purple - November 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Sure, but Morax is good enough for many of C2P and F2P. Klaern is the worst Hotm ever. He is just food for SE.


You’re right. So with my luck I probably will not get him, will have to stay with Klaern, Silvaria and two Iris for this year.
3/4 are good, so no complaints.

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Morax for me suffered because i really like my dark roster. I have enough tabbards for him… But even leveled and emblemed, I’m not sure he cracks into the occasionally used bench player, zero chance of the starting lineup.

I absolutely love my Silvaria, so you’ve done alright there!

Does morax’s mana reduction stack with his talent (mana delay)?