Moravia 9, that Vampire Lord


I’ve tried everything* to beat the Vampire Lord boss. But when he fires his bolt, no matter my defenses, buffs, level, etc, each hero is killed in one shot, even at full health.
I have no way to beat this level. Even throwing my phone against the wall didn’t help. What the he’ll is the strategy against a weapon like that?
(The last time I hit a plateau like this was Forgotten Sands 4. It took me 104 tries, yes, one hundred and four, to beat it, and I only beat it by buying the 75 gem resurrection twice in a row. I’d given up on strategy.)
Am I disappointed with the game right now? Yes. Very. It feels like I’m in an abusive relationship, I keep going back even though I know I shouldn’t.
And I really love writing my little stories about the heroes!

*No I haven’t tried everything. What I haven’t tried, is throwing $4,000 at the game for six thousand summons to get who I need; or putting the story arc on hold until I can cook hero’s strong enough to have a chance.


Did you try including Kailani or Gunnar in your team? They might only be 3 star heroes, but their special could prove useful for the One-Hit-Attack.


Huh, I have them both. Right now my team is Skittleskull, Sonya, Kelile, Rigard, Bane. I’d found that Spirit Link only mitigates damage, doesn’t actually cure anything. Everyone gets a share of the fun. So if Sonya’s at 30 health and the vampire lord shoots his 500 dam bolt, she’s still toast even if she wasnt the intended target.
But what the heck I’ll try anything.


Don’t forget spirit link comes with a huge defense boost, like 60% or so if maxed. that really helps cut down along with spreading damage.

i doubt you’re using battle items effectively. i’d take both 5x arrows and axes/bombs. first thing shoot off both arrows and axes - that will cause them blindness (chance to miss) and reduces damage from axes. really helps mitigate damage from bosses, especially since bane has th blindness as well.

keep close eye on th effects and as soon as they fall off, shoot the arrow or axe, whichever fell off. this really helps me survive tough fights. use small mana potions to charge your healer (and/or spirit link if you bwant inf one along).


Yeah I always bring axes, Mana, heals and banners to a fight. I start every boss fight with an axe throw and a defense banner. Then if there are no gem line-ups that will benefit a hero who’s skill I need, I use Mana to get him there.
Sometimes the Mana boost is the only thing that saves me. If there’s one enemy and one hero left and the only gem lines I can play will go nowhere near the enemy, or only a dead hero’s colour, I use Mana to give her one last desperate pitch. Sometimes it works.


Try Switching Bane up with Kailani and Sonya with Kiril, if you have these heroes of course.

What is the power of the stage?


Power of the stage? That’s a phrase I’m unfamiliar with. Explain?


Difficulty level I should say, 2910, 3400 etc,?


Is shows on every Quest level:


You are a female? :o


As far as I understood, she was talking about province 18 (Morgovia) and there step 9. At least that step has a Vampire Lord as boss :wink:
If there is a way to show the difficulty level of those, I am not aware of that.


My apologies. Does this help?

As you can see, Province Level does not show difficulty. (And yes I am female, so what? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )


take the arrows and th axes. the miss chance plus damage reduction really helps. what level/tier are your heroes? is th damage over time hurting too? or just the one shot kills?

my default items for hard bosss are arrows, axes, minor antidotes, and mana. (i have two healers on my team boldtusk and melendor, so i forego heals and would instead simply charge my healers mana as necessary). i find most of the bosses i find difficult have either blind or really high dot so the antidotes are life savers (only use the small ones so you can bring 10).


Aw, I thought she was talking about the Morlovia quest for the ascension materials.

I haven’t got that far with the missions, stopped at 17-3 cause no 4* heroes.


No, just the regular story arc. I’m using Skittleskull, Sonya, Kelile, Tiburtus, Bane. I tried switching Bane for Kailani for the Spirit Link, and Rigard for Tib for the heal. Kailani never made it TO the boss round, and Rigard was the first person to get zapped.
I’mma keep trying.
It took me one hundred and four tries to clear 15-4, I’m only on 19 tries here. I’ve got time.


Are your heroes Maxed? What items do you take with you? :grinning:


The only person I ever maxed was Jennah; I’ve not maxxed anybody else. My troops are all like level 6.
And my usual equipment is arrows, axes, mana and heals.


What tier are they - eg have you ascended your 3 stars twice?


Obviously, when you can’t survive the round, level up your heroes. :wink:


Lol - I will honestly admit that in my frustration, that didn’t occur to me.
(bashful face)