Moral Ethical Question re:Server Down Episodes

@zephyr1, @Rook etc… This is a moderator/developer question. I have been online the past two (three?) times the server has been down. Once I submitted a ticket because I was mid-battle and lost resources. The other time I was doing upgrades & leveling heroes. I didn’t submit a ticket because it didn’t “hurt” as much, but it did cut into my budgeted game time (prone to game addiction so don’t want family to do an intervention & have to delete the game!!!)

Do most people submit a ticket if it’s just an annoyance? Maybe commonplace behavior isn’t quite my question: Just wondering the right thing to do… Thank you!!!


I’d submit a ticket. My entire alliance lost out on a rare titan win due to no one being able to log on. I kniw issues happen, but…

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If it affected you, and you were “injured” in some way, I would send a ticket.

Personally, I had completed Wonderland, spent all my flags on my Titan, wasn’t currently in war, didn’t lose any items, etc, so for me, it was an annoyance, but not a big deal: no ticket.

(I might have felt differently if my alliance was in the last 30 minutes of a rare Titan, racing to kill it when the system went down. Honestly it’s going to be different for different folks.)


@Rook pretty much covered my point of view on this — if you were affected or inconvenienced, by all means submit a ticket.

And if you were like me, and coincidentally farmed before the outage, lost no overflow of flags, had nothing urgent to do in-game and lost nothing — other than a touch of sanity merging Forum threads (:wink:) — then probably no need for a ticket. :slight_smile:

But in your case, it sounds like you were affected, even if it was less directly than being right in the middle of something in the game during the outage.


Thanks everyone!!! You voiced what I was thinking…So I will probably continue with giving some randomness back to the game & submit tickets depending on how hard I want to work at it… Usually I’d rather spend my time doing things with more immediate gratification! :slight_smile: :heart_decoration:

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I’m only saying zynga… i mean sg should not cherry pick… either everyone gets comped or no one.

Last time they gave compensation according to the specific losses of each player. I actually thought that was a very fair approach.


Meh… The outage before this one I was unable to log on and got bupkis as according to them I was not directly affected. As I had set an alarm to fill a chest I would say I was VERY inconvenienced. And got nothing. Hence cherry picking who gets what.

Seems like maybe they should have thrown everyone a WE flask in addition to the specific compensation items. I just said as much in another thread.

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Would have the edge off at zero cost to zynga… I mean small giant.

Anyways I apologize for the snark. It’s been a day dealing with cheesed off alliance members due to outage among other things I am hearing about that have me annoyed with the direction the new owners are/have been taking with this game I dearly love.

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I think it’s safe to say you’re not alone in your concerns…


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