MoPub, Mystic Vision, spam or worse?

Since the crash related to the “MoPub” demanding an answer, I know of several players not wanted to complete this MoPub request for an answer. Several answered “no thsnks” causing the game to close, and havic in gaming world. MoPub may not be the main cause, but certaining associated cause. Accordingly, MoPub professes to control posts / advertisements and content we will receive. This smells of “Spam” not abiding by rules of the game. Please reconsider and remove MoPub demand from Mystic Vision, your game system; many are opting out of Mystic Vision, making for unpleasant not positive experience. Please consider & thank you. Game~On!

I agree! Both before and after the Android crash it’s such a nuisance. Once a player has hit “no thanks”, we shouldn’t have to be bothered with it anymore.

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I’ll count myself lucky I haven’t encountered this! :exploding_head:


I personally hit “no”

I then got a “mystic vision is exhausted” message.

Fully closed & restarted the game, played a level of map farming and MV was back to normal.

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Yes, that’s the solution. The issue is that it’s not a one time occurrence. I’ve had it show up multiple times and need to close the game in order to get a Mystic Vision that works.


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