🧝 Moonbell – 5* Holy / Yellow from Astral Elves

They should make a healer Elf. I like those Astral guys, I have two of them, but a healer tank would be cool.

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Not sure when that would happen (or even if it will given that they seem to have taken a pause on HotM costumes).

In theory, she should at least get a buff as a July HotM at some point. Hopefully one that is at least meaningful.

Don’t worry, in beta there is Mooncure, a slow blue astral elf that heals 55% to everyone, it will arrive one of the next months at least they don’t change it to a fast fire hero that deals damage to everyone

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Nice. I want this! Lets hope they change to average (or fast) speed.

Is this another one of those androgynous heroes…

  • Male
  • Female
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:thinking: has a masculine enough face, but the name sounds like a female

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I think the meme thread already has something to say about the male/female thing:


Whether it be goblins or elves, SG seems to take the traditional approach with the artwork.

There are pressure groups, like Sweet Baby Inc., pushing the trans. agenda… in gaming.

Several heroes now are outliers from the characterisations we were introduced to.

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They have a healer on deck. Yellow. Poor version of hathor regular