MONTHLY upgrade quest

Please read general info… then the idea.

Ok, so one big issue is the lack of ascension materials when it comes down to what you need to progress. One of the most scarce items is the far seeing scope and waiting a year for one is frustrating. Alot of other players might need a glove, shield or even an orb. Letting players progress will not break the game.

Secondly, one of the best mission features was in season one were certain stages had monsters with specials. So here’s what I purpose:

THE STAGE (edited)
random ascension material based on rarity were you can choose to participate. Each rarity stage comes with a difficulty TP level and you get three attempts to complete any ONE tier. Monsters vary in elemental color and with or without skill ability. Final level has random boss. If interested, level disadvantages like tourney could be added.

So, only one material will be awarded on the one stage you first or finally beat. As example selections:
Tier 1- randomly game selected 1* item,1500tp
Tier 2- 2* item, 2500tp
Tier 3- 3* item, 3000tp
Tier 4- 4* item, 4000tp
So forth.
Cant beat tier 4? Try tier 3… need 1 pair of gloves? Just play tier 1…

Just a question, how is this different from the rare quests which appear every 10 days or so? I mean each tier of that quest has some star ascension item with suggested TP, with the final two giving the 3 and 4 star AMs, respectively, and we don’t even have to choose, we get all the items.

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The rare quest Frostmarch occurs 6 times a year. So 6 scopes only there. Not only one in year, as you said…


Not so sure scopes are that rare. My fiance had 20 scopes and no blue 5* heroes lol. And That’s that’s playing the game for about a year.

Because it’s always the same. This could be an upgrade to that (which admittedly I forgot). However, no reason why we couldnt have both. You can also choose which one you want go for. All items would have chance to appear in the quest, like the telescope. More variety, more excitement with possibility of not getting anything. Random color monster generation would mean a more difficult planning and could possibly have dual color work against you.
Thanks @ThePirateKing for productive questioning… :slight_smile:

Ok, wasnt aware frost March comes 6 times. Even so, i just checked, and one 5* takes 6 scopes to ascend. That means I have wait another year to level then next one if scopes are involved? If we do get ascension materials from other parts of the game play us not what this post was or is about.

Also, scopes was an exampl. Just cause one person gets alot, Doesnt mean that all players get the same material. You need to remember were just a small handful of a much larger player base.

Now, do you actually see a potential down side to this idea/feature? A way to improve it?


Btw, I forgot the seasonal event in December, which provides a scope at stage 18 on advanced mode. So 7 scopes a year only from quests. And to be honest, I got a lots of 4* AM even from monsters chests and mystic vision…

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What’s tp range of stage 18? Also, I’m happy for you and anyone who has a blissful of ascension material. I just dont see why 12 more random ascension material for the year, anyone would say no to :thinking:

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I don’t remember the TP, but can be easily finished with 4* heroes and items. It’s much easier than the last stage, 20th, which I finished last year with such team.

Just edited quest play info. Change says u can bounce between tiers, but only collect on 1…

Plus would love be challenges again by skilled monsters. Wish Atlantis had some of those…

Maybe it’ll be a good idea to guarantee an elemental chest quest during all monthly challenge events and the chest color should correspond with the monsters’ color during the challenge event.