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Okay we do have monthly hero’s every month which is awesome. How about a monthly troop occasionally for a change :grin:.

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Too much trouble for little gain.

Leveling troops is too slow and expensive. I doubt anyone would replace their level 20 troop with a new monthly troop, so no one would spend on that.

What I would like to see instead is that troop summon would have chance to give the monthly hero too


[Stub, Suggestion] Troop of the Month

I can spend the 20 Epic Hero tokens, one per month, for 20 months giving me one chance at 20 different Heroes of the Month.

But there is no reason to save the 20 Epic Troop tokens. We need a Troop of the Month to go with the Hero of the Month!

People keep complaining about the healing/ mana troop, here is your chance to add new troops:

X% chance Dragon Shield also takes out the whole row
X% chance Dragon Shield also takes out the whole column
X% chance Dragon Shield also acts as a Power Shard
X% chance Power shard also takes out the whole row
X% chance Power shard Shield also takes out the whole column
X% chance Power shard also acts as a Dragon Shield
X% match 3 vertical also takes out 1 shield on either side.
X% match 3 horizontal also takes out 1 shield above and below.

It is some interesting proposals, but troops are meant to supplement heroes not themselves. Having troops affect the board would also cause stacking issues - ie if more tiles are constantly being deployed each wave from the increased chance, then mana boost troops on adjacent heroes would be the only way to play.

If more troop stats were introduced I would like to see something along the following lines :

  1. Debuffs applied to assigned hero are X% weaker (possibly culminating in an entire turn reduction at cap)
  2. Buffs applied to assigned hero are X% stronger (possibly culminating in an entire turn extension at cap)
  3. Up to X% chance a debuff will not take effect
  4. Up to X% chance a buff cannot be dispelled

Those are just the things that come to mind at the moment. I’ll ponder it some more and post again later.

Why not to have 5* troops, and have them as a gift every month as the HotM heroes? Special troops that differ from other troops, why should we have the same troops in the game? But to have hotM troops like magical ones or with specific properties. Or modulable troops, or you cam win this troop and you can give the properties everytime they ger leveled up?! Why not!!!

Alright calm down satan. SG gets enough money from zero and company already.

Your answer was not requested! Here is not a complaining topic. Have a nice day.

If there will ever be the need for TOTM I hope they will be only up to 3*, maybe capped on level but never over 3*. If the troop would be 5* the troop’s cost would be unthinkable.

And there is also the chance that there will not enabled for events :man_shrugging:

Hi all.

We still have only basic troops avaiable for summon tokens or epic troop token.

So, this is the point: add new, thematic troops avaiable to buy with atlantis coins. There I have an idea to make troops connected with families - laguna troop beside normal stats might get more damage or another boost for heroes from laguna family.

The best way I think is to get the troop an oppsite boost to family bonus:

  • Laguna troops - decreases enemy attack -3%/-6%/-10%/-15% for 2/3/4/5 members of family
  • Atlantis troops - decreases enemy defense -5%/-10%/-15%/-120% for 2/3/4/5 members of family
  • Sakura troops - decreases enemy mana regeneration -2%/-4%/-7%/-12% for 2/3/4/5 members of family.

Because of getting a great boost for team and gives more possibilities I think there should be one VERY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT:

This solves a matter, that players don’t create a team of the same family.

I feel it would be nice to have some changes to troops. They are one of the more important parts of the game and it seems they are too hard to come by and take the longest to train. Yet there’s no troop of the month or something cool scheme wise for the troops? Let’s add more love for the troops!

Has there been any discussion on have either a troop of the month or an event troop? I was thinking of having special troops to match the special heroes, such as Elf troops at the holidays, Card soldiers for the Wonderland event, or Atlantian troops for Atlantis Rising. Make them normal stats except when paired with their appropriate hero type. Up their attack or change from crit to mana. I would think this would create a higher desire for summoning.

Though the idea is interesting, what would you do with people who invested heavily into vanilla troops to max them all the way to level 30? Given how much it takes to max troops, I don’t see how adding newer better troops would be possible (without severe backlash from the player base) given how much needs to be invested to max them.

They could just be an addition to the roster. Like the HotM is an addition to the standard hero roster. I am a c2p & can’t imagine ever getting close to a troop above 4* lvl 7. Perhaps they could be stronger initially, but the end result would be the same as any other troop. But then that would set up a whole other set of problems.

#troops #bonuses
I guess everybody would be happy having a kind of bonus “Troop Of The Month”.
By every (developed) draw we have the chance to get a bonus summon.
This is not given for troops.
Surely an easy way to implement a Bonus Draw for Troops if you are buy developed ones, isn’t it?
Vote for this idea if you like it.

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