Monthly "Quick Reference" - Can I get your thoughts?

This is very neat work, @VeryQuietly! Yes - This “Monthly Guide” can be a nice ‘B-side’ to the monthly Calendar since most of this information is frequently referred to by many players -new and experienced together.

I’m not good with editing images. So, I can’t help you with this.

But I see that this can be made into a template that can be replicated in batches to reduce monthly workload. This is what I was thinking:

I see that there are 13 different images in that sheet. Out of them 9 seem to be pretty fixed in nature w.r.t. the data in them.

The remaining 4 are the ones in the four corners. Starting from top right corner and going clockwise:

  • Atlantis featured hero list
  • Challenge Event guide
  • Valhalla featured hero details
  • HOTM details

For the first one, we have the predictions on the forum which can be used as source of data.
For the second, we know the challenge event rotation and so the appropriate guide that goes
For the fourth, we have the beta threads that clearly tell with HOTM is going to be released for which month. So, info comes from there.
For the third, I’m not sure. I think @Guvnor said somewhere that Valhalla new heroes are released in the same order they were introduced in beta? Maybe some beta tester can provide you the release predictions for each month?

I think maybe if you share this workload with someone else who is willing to take it up, you can create a bulk of calendars (at least till the Valhalla heroes data is available) by appropriately replacing the four corner images. These templates can then be easily modified and released every month.

In fact, once the featured hero order for Valhalla becomes evident (after all the S3 heroes are released)… then you can may be just go ahead and create these monthly guide templates easily for 6-7 months or more in a single-go. They only changes required to them would be the HOTM info that needs to be verified and updated before release of the guide.

Really liked the effort you put into this. Thought I’d share my views on how you can reduce your effort in this endeavour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great work, man. Thank you so much for putting in so much effort for providing this to the community. Much appreciated!!

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this Monthly Guide on a regular basis.

Cheers!! :beers:


I was going to suggest the same thing. I think it should be called Monthly Guide or The E&P express…lol…I do like it though. Very helpful.

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I didn’t mean to copy unnecessary from previous post…sorry

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Could be very useful; $ per gem equivalent not so much as a good portion of the community are not based in the US and relative values Change depending on exchange rates.

Other than that it would save me a good portion of my time curating the E&P info out there to give the good stuff to my alliance…

That’s funny because I initially thought there may be an issue with the cost being in dollars; however the relative cost should still be the same, so the comparative value of which deal works best for an individual is still accurate.

The absolute value will be different per country/currency.

Just my two rupees though :grin:

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I also like it! I’d definitely use and appreciate it. Agree with others on the naming though. Maybe ‘Quick Reference’? If I hadn’t seen this sneak peek, ‘Monthly Guide’ wouldn’t catch my attention, but ‘Quick Reference’ would. :woman_shrugging:t3:


:laughing: You noticed the drag and drop strategy! Yes, I have this set up in such a way that I could make them relatively quickly. I actually started with a draft for September, but decided to mock up Aug for this discussion. Made Aug in about 10 min now that I have the template.


@VeryQuietly Would you like me to change the title to “Quick Reference” for you?

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Still new to all the options on the forum… just changed it, thanks!


I agree, it should be called what it is. “B-Side Calendar” or “Flip Calendar”.

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I know I already said this, but when I looked at the title of the spread sheet “August 2020 Monthly Quick Reference”. I think a good title for it is “August 2020 Flip Calendar”. Players searching the events calendar will be more likely to see your complementary calendar as well.

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To be fair, SG, mostly keeps costs pretty much on a US based parity system converted to your local currency so for me, it is a meaningful metric.

I think it would be a good reference to post in the monthly calendar post alongside the variety of calendars… that way the name would be a little less of an issue.

Am I right to assume that is where most people would look for that kind of info?

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Hi All,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the encouragement and feedback! September Quick Reference is live in the Monthly Calendar Thread. I’ll be putting it up with that group each month.

September Calendar Thread


Gracias por ponerlo eres un enkanto

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FYI- this is thread where I’ll be posting graphics and monthly graphics.

Don’t know how to merge the two :grimacing:


Would you like this thread closed?

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Yes please. Thanks!!

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