Monthly heroes via special quests

To solve the problem that new players to the game face, it’d be nice if you could find a way to incorporate hero acquisitions in some way into the game’s quest feature.

It seems like it’d be easy enough, and would keep the game interesting for older, invested players while also giving free-to-play players an incentive to stick around (and get tempted into buying one of your cheaper, high-value deals for gems).

Each month, you just offer an exclusive new quest area, at the completion of which players would be guaranteed the hero of the month (or one of the heroes of the month).

“Alberich, from the Forests of [Insert-Cool-Sounding-Name], needs your help defeating the band of Ogres which are destroying his homeland. Help him defeat these foul invaders, and perhaps he will join our alliance!”

Players would be guaranteed the chance to build a strong hero team, which I think would cut out on a lot of the complaints about the games randomness in terms of hero-building, particularly among folks without the pockets to pay for massive gem purchases.

Also, something comparable would nice in the game’s normal quest mode. Say, a chance to get Vivica or Richard or Elena upon finishing the Dragonian Cave.

Thanks for listening.

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Yes, you have proposed an interesting solution to the sad problem of never having that so cool Hel, Athena, Alberich, or Mr. Leptus ( yes I want the bunny very much).
Excellent idea!

Why not just reward HOTM for completion of advanced challenge?

I like the idea. But not sure, if something like that, would come in the game.

I like the idea of a way to obtain it, but the challenge should be monumentally hard (or scaled to your team power to be fair). Once you get to round 3k team power with the right team all the rare quests are manageable with proper planning and taking your time - the last level was so darn hard when my teams power was in the 2500 range. So it would need to be higher than that.

Maybe make it a token as a reward which will summon one of them to keep the game of chance thing they have going on consistent :slight_smile:

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I like this idea. If the quest was really difficult it could encourage players to build up their teams faster and utilize battle items more (and so pay more to accelerate their progress possibly ending up with net gain for SG). It would give more value to battle-item-giving quests.

If a player knew they will have a chance at a juicy 5* hero and they’re losing their chances by not making progress fast enough, they may want to speed it up :wink: And it would reward long-time/paying players who already have a stash of items/solid rosters who could undertake these quests.

Also, I’m a HUGE advocate of more interesting content being added into the game, so I’m always in full support of ideas like that :slight_smile:

And this would certainly be WAY more fun and exciting than adding some “roll every Hero o fthe Month month, 300 gems per roll 1% chance of getting something”.

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So you basically want to make the most powerful heroes avalaible in the most easier way for all of us?

You see how many snowman avatars are out there?
Thats how many HotM there will be this way.


I agree - it should be super challenging to get them. And maybe the reward is simply just a chance, like any other summon to get them anyways.

I don’t think anyone here meant for it to be as easy as the regular 3300 quests :slight_smile: But aye, a fair chance to get one (but not a guarantee) would be just as good. I just want more stuff to do with exciting rewards hah.

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But very challenging is another way to say “top players”. And if only top players may have a chance… thats a no no. :angry:

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I don’t know, I could imagine quests that would be very challenging but accessible for the older/paying players, not necessarily the top. 3300 quests (so I think the most difficult right now) are quite easy with a nice team of 4* heroes mixing final ascension and lvl 60s on on the one before.

It’s very difficult to make a quest not too much hard (so only for elites) or not too easy (so that everyone don’t ever sweat) and get a right amount of HotM around.
And new players or young F2P (that need good heroes the most) can’t even hope to get it and pick the short stick.

Nope, i think that give it at random (and pay for have more chance) is the right thing to do.

I like new contents and price too, but not with HotM involved.

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That’s why I suggested a sliding scale based on team power when you enter the levels so people can’t cheat. For example - something crazy like a 50% above team power used to complete the quest. So a team power 2000 (a newer player) is fighting 3000 and a team power 4000 is fighting 6000 :open_mouth:

That’s likely to be hard as hell for anyone to complete!

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Leaving aside that build something like that i think is not an easy task, you can’t base all just on team power.
Even if you scale the A.I., stronger cards have secondary effects that beginners can’t have.
You can’t compare a Balthazar with Hell, or Hawkmoon with Vivica. Even if they are very good for both the category you fall, their weight is really different.
Thats why beat the event quest ultimate boss is much more difficult on beginner then expert mode.

Neverless, beginners lack not only good cards, but even knowledge and experience.
They are cut out, no matter what.

That is the not so hidden cost of being a beginner. I appreciate the way this game reminds me that hard, boring work is a fact of life; makes the rewards that much sweeter. Yes, I have a strong team. I earned it. I have the 5432 training manuals to prove it.:rofl:

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