Monthly Challenge Event event rotation / schedule?

I know its somewhere, but I can’t seem to find the sequence of special events. Does anyone know the order?

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Look at your challenge event coins :wink:

Order is the icons going in clockwise direction.

Click for image of Challenge Coin

Click for Order for rest of 2020

2020 Rotation:
March -> Pirates of Corellia
April -> Riddles of Wonderland
May -> Fables of Grimforest
June -> Guardians of Teltoc
July -> Knights of Avalon
August -> Pirates of Corellia
September -> Riddles of Wonderland
October -> Fables of Grimforest
November -> Guardians of Teltoc
December -> Knights of Avalon

Click for order of 2021

January 2021 -> Pirates of Corellia
February -> Riddles of Wonderland
March -> Fables of Grimforest
April -> Guardians of Teltoc
May -> Knights of Avalon
June -> Pirates of Corellia
July -> Riddles of Wonderland
August -> Fables of Grimforest
September -> Guardians of Teltoc
October -> Knights of Avalon
November -> Pirates of Corellia
December -> Riddles of Wonderland


Look here

:star2: Memento 5 Challenge Events


Thanks @Guvnor and @JLB_ep!! Never noticed there was a diagram on the coins!!


@Guvnor Thank you for informing about the images in the Challenge Coins. Really helps.

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