Month Rotation for War's Tank

The time of green tank has come. IT supposed to be everywhere. It’ s borng isn’t? How about changing Tank for AW according to the release of HOTM? For example next month Clarissa will appear so the only tank allowed will be purple. In my opinion IT gives us the variety, missing now in the game, and simply more fun to face up with diffrent team every month. What is your opinion about?

Well that would have been kinda cool before emblems were implemented…

Rotating tanks would make embleming defenses pointless or expensive as hell or both

Which would dump all emblems into offense which in turn would make unemblemed defenses that much easier to beat and suck all the fun & challenge out of wars

Just my 2 cents


I would love the variety. Green tanks everywhere is or will get tiresome quickly

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Won’t make a difference at all can’t sweep telly under a carpet :wink::sunglasses:
My alliance does do a monthly rotation as it changes it up.

I really don’t see the point. Any alliance can decide to change/choose any tank color at any time.
And if the game forces the players to change every month, this would be a hard time for junior players.
There are still many players at lvl 50+ having no idea what the tank is or what his role in the defense is. They only see their total TP, they have no knowledge about color stacking in offense or the advantage of rainbow in defense. They also set their war teams by autofill everytime.
As stated above, any alliance can decide whatever tank strategy they run

It’s an ok idea. But with the way that the game has gone with the introduction of emblems etc it sort of doesn’t really work in a reasonable manner.
And it’s ok if you have a deep roster to choose a decent tank from the five colours. However new players would be at a clear disadvantage

Tank color should be randomly given to each player weekly for war and raid def. Spread your emblems. No need to put all of them on one particular def. Grind grind grind. And the best about it: Rainbow tank war fields.

Result: Much more fun. :sunglasses:

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