Monsters gain mana with every hit against them

Whenever a monster is hit they gain mana no matter what color hits them. For example if they show that they are purple and I hit them with blue they gain mana. This makes it impossible to destroy them. I have to wait until my characters mana is filled by using their respected color tile. The monsters gain mana way too fast and it takes the fun out of the game.

As a note: if you hit a red monster/hero with red tiles it gets more mana than with any other color. This works respectively for all colors. Didn‘t know that for a long time.
In your case: hit a hole in the defence and ‚ghost‘ (send tiles into nowhere, not on monsters) tiles. Then your mana replenishes on double speed and your enemy mana only grows a tiny bit!

Hi Grax,

that’s normal at all stages. Also in raids. So what exactly are you claiming?

Grax, while farming easy levels, practice “ghosting” tiles, which is missing your enemy on purpose. You’ll gain double Mana for that color while the enemy doesn’t. Once you kill an enemy or two, it’s a huge advantage to you by ghosting through those empty spots. You’ll then be killing the rest w/ your specials and not the tiles

That the monsters gain mana three times as fast than our hero’s. You don’t have to hit them to gain mana. What I am asking for is a slower mana recharge rate. THAT is my point.

So then better post this topic under “ideas and Features”. If u got enough votes devs may concider this in an update.

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