Monster Lure concept 🦇 - Not a fan

I agree with you. I feel that your post is not about ML alone - it’s just a (rotten) cherry on top everything else. The thing that made me feel dissatisfied with the game are costumes for S2 and S3 rare and epic heroes. Other things are just another drops in the sea of disappointment.


I get you, yeah! Pretty much everything is monetised already :slight_smile: what next? Though from the beginning even buildings could be monetised (gems to skip or get second builder lol)… maybe next time you can pay for farms to auto collect ham for you…


Like programming your home lights AC rice cooker etc etc ?


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While we are at it, why not sell 10x increase in legendary event hero pull rates for 100.99 ?

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Have done it in beta, don’t think anything has changed.

So with the same price as pov the offer is really bad for what you can get theoretically…


Im not trying to justify the offer, I see how/why people think it’s gross, I kind of agree. From a monetary standpoint though, it’s almost like the lure is free. Typically loot tickets are 10 cents each and a WE refill from the shop is a Buck. I thought it was a decent deal if you buy loot tickets. Otherwise, yeah, it’s ridiculous. I save all my loot tickets for AR, so I buy every loot ticket offer anyway.


It’s not worth it to me as I have lots of loot tickets, plenty of we flask and don’t have a season 4 hero I’m interested in atm,
However I agree with you that it’s a ridiculous offer. Perhaps some gems added and I wouldn’t think twice about the purchase

Btw thanks for the laugh:


So just to make it more clear.

In my example I needed 80 loot tickets the lure for getting around 3-4 pulls, 100 emblems some iron, ham and mats where it’s not sure if it’s those I need or something I have thousands stockpiled.
And for that you pay 10$, yes the loot tickets are nice but in the end used to farm the things above.

If we look at the underwild offers we get " Day 3: $4.99" which gives us 5 pulls and 6 battle items. That’s already more pulls than we probably get from buying the lure.
And we still have 5$ available to buy the rest missing.
I’m not sure how much money it cost to buy around 100 emblems.

In the end, everyone has to look what they need, what they can get theoretical and if it’s not cheaper to buy the things you want directly without the middle step buying the lure offer.
But that is something everyone has to decide for themselves.

Depending on what you need 10$ could be far to much or nearly the same amount as buying everything you get from it from other offers.




Each emblem is about S$0.03
100 emblems = S$3.00
In Singapore dollars

It’s about US$2.14 (using exchange rate 1.4)

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Loot tickets makes me laugh. Pay money to not play the game… that you pay money to play.


Am I too understand that regardless of how often I play I can only find 15loot enemies a day?

What is the average number of games needed to play to find them all?

The value of western currencies is plummeting while the price of gas in Finland is increasing. In six months that could be viewed as a bargain.

It’s a joke. These greedy scumbags are now even locking farming behind a paywall. $G’s greed knows no bounds. This crap event is a literal carbon copy of VF, which was already hated, and the only effort they could be bothered to make was resprite the rare enemy and slap an obscene price tag on it. Simply despicable, but we’re accustomed to expect that now from this horrible company.


In this past VF, I’ve used about 25 flask farming and I didn’t even find half of gnome that was available to me. That was when there’s no paywall. Now they have put a price on farming, I reckon you can expect even worse odds of getting special monster that will drop coin. Without paying, you’ll probably need 50 flask :rofl:

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One of the dailies in next POV is buy a lure bats deal


it is terrible
and is limitied to 100 total bats then it is useless

the overall idea is bad

i will use the energy reduction bonus to finish hard mode.

atlantis rising will be my #1 farming plan


With Lure… 6 loot tickets, 25 Bats 103 coins, 5 of each emblem, 30 O-nuggies, couple of 100k Food and various other loot.

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It’s a NO from me …
And if they put anymore offer things on my screen, I won’t be able to see my buildings.
One offer sits right on top on my windmills… I have to move my screen to collect ….
Nerf the offers please …… Rant over


Step 1
Release OP chase hero to generate bug gem sales.

Step 2
Nerph OP chase hero without providing compensation.

Step 3
Unveil new shiny offer to distract players from Step 2 and that generates even more sales.

Step 4
Rinse and repeat.