Monster Hunter DoT on Special Passive

In the above screenshot I fired Garnet special and she got the DoT from Malin.
Is this correct that the Malin passive intercepts any effects from the special?

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It seems the ailment protection is not on your Costume Freya but on every other heroes.

What were the other heroes at the opponent side ?

They might have Freya an immunity to buffs so that is not received the protection against ailments when Garnet was fired.

I think Freya did have the immunity.
If you look bottom and slightly to the left she’s got the icon for resistance.
That being said, there was an El Nad on the other side

I found him too and took grazul as I don’t have garnet and his ailments was rezisted by grazul’s immunity, but his passive wasn’t in place and no el naddaha on the other team.

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