Monster Guide + Recruits and Waves overview

Last update: 12.8.2020 - Season 3 Provinces 9-18 updated and added. Working on hard difficulty now.


Season 2 Special stages are highlighted:
purple = Poison Mist
blue = Magic Night Stages
grey = Dense Fog
cyan = Underwater
dark = Special Stage (Unique Boss)

Season 3 Special stages in Realms are highlighted.


Wow Pois! As always, thank you for your charts!

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Since I have already ton of game text in my computer I thought about translating the game into Czech, if devs are interested and if there is actually a community of Czech players who would appreciate it. It is unimaginable for me to play it in Czech since I hardly use my mother language at all but maybe there is some interest in language mutations. What do you think Rook, would you ask the devs for me?


Canโ€™t hurt! Please post it in the Foreign Languages section. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you gotta help me out here. Please move it there somehow :slight_smile:

See PM.

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