Monster Guide + Recruits and Waves overview

Last update: 17.9.2020 - Season 3 Province 21 updated.


Season 2 Special stages are highlighted:
purple = Poison Mist
blue = Magic Night Stages
grey = Dense Fog
cyan = Underwater
dark = Special Stage (Unique Boss)

Season 3 Special stages in Realms are highlighted.


Wow Pois! As always, thank you for your charts!

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Since I have already ton of game text in my computer I thought about translating the game into Czech, if devs are interested and if there is actually a community of Czech players who would appreciate it. It is unimaginable for me to play it in Czech since I hardly use my mother language at all but maybe there is some interest in language mutations. What do you think Rook, would you ask the devs for me?


Can’t hurt! Please post it in the Foreign Languages section. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you gotta help me out here. Please move it there somehow :slight_smile:

See PM.

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