Monster count issue in jotunheim using tickets

Just followed a POV quest to do 3 special stages in jotunheim. Used 3 loot tickets to complete. Got the pov check but only 12 monsters have been credited to my empty chest. Don’t know what it should be but 12 seems like the number for doing it once, not 3 times

While, it is good to share on this forum, the appropriate action for solving the mentioned issue would be lodge a complaint via the game app & it will be dealt with.

If you have already done that, you may disregard this comment !

If you’re using stage 12-10, then it’s a special stage where you go straight into the boss fight with Ymir + 2 mobs. After that you have to fight Ymir again, so the 4 monster count should be correct


Actually, I followed the support link in the app, if the support link goes to a forum then its E&P that needs to fix their setup.

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